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09.06.2020 - WorldDAB News - Radioline WorldDAB Member - France France

by Rebecca Keene, Stakeholder Relations Manager, WorldDAB


Q&A with Xavier Filliol, COO, Radioline

What markets does your company support and what solutions do you provide?

We provide B2B and B2C services on multiple devices (web / mobile / OTT / IoT / automotive…). Our services are compatible with the main environments (iOS, Android, Linux, QT) and are available in 10 languages. We offer access to over 90,000 radios stations and podcasts from 130 countries.

We are always trying to improve the exposure level of stations through a pleasant and fluid user experience, with cool features. The quality of the content is based on daily maintenance, through direct relationships with stations and content providers such as RadioDNS or Voxnest for podcasts.

We also offer an extranet interface to content owners (stations and podcasts) with statistics and a content management tool.

Can you tell us about your most recent projects?

For the past two years, we have been focusing on the automobile, following the technical improvements by the industry with the connected car.

Our latest achievement is the development of a Hybrid Radio app for Android Automotive 0S, in partnership with Panasonic Automotive and TDF, a world premiere.

Full IP applications (IP content only) are also available for Linux and in the Android Automotive Store. We have also developed a hybrid Radio application under Linux with NXP, which was launched in January 2020 at CES.

What do your customers value most from your solutions?

From their comments, I’d say they appreciate three main things:

  • our global and updated catalogue of stations and podcasts, with a local approach
  • our level of innovation in a fast delivery mode
  • the reliability of our platform and our services

We believe that audio content like linear radio and podcasts are more relevant than ever!

But, to keep the radio attractive - especially for the younger generations - we must offer a level of experience based on the new standards of expectations: an app, with native and organised content, a search engine, trendy UX, interactivity, on demand and customisable features… but that's easy to use!

This can easily be achieved with the support of stations through compelling and diverse content, rich metadata / EPG and innovative services.

What advice would you give someone considering deploying DAB?

For better exposure and a more pleasant user experience, DAB stations should ensure they also are transmitting their station's logo, metadata and EPG while providing maximum coverage.

We have high expectations with hybrid radio which combines the best of both technologies: DAB+ and IP. They are complementary and broadly reinforce the best interests of the radio industry and users.

Groups like the WorldDAB Automotive User Experience Group are crucial in synchronising the efforts of individual players in the industry as they work together to improve radio and keep it in the centre of the car dashboard.

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Hybrid Radio for car with Radioline from Radioline on Vimeo.