WorldDAB at IBC 2022

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Date: 9th - 12th September 2022

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Types: Conference

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Sunday 11 September 2022, 10:00 – 12:00, Room E102

Radio broadcasters are taking advantage of the extra features offered by DAB+ digital radio to bring their audience a richer experience on national, regional and local radio. Metadata allows radio broadcasters to stay at the forefront of today’s booming audio market – especially in the highly competitive space of the connected car dash. Small-scale DAB allows local and community radio to join in the digital revolution.

Session host:  Jacqueline Bierhorst, Project Director, Digital Radio NL and Vice President, WorldDAB

Watch the video of the full session 

Watch the IBC2022 interview: Jacqueline Bierhorst on opportunities on DAB+

  • Lessons learned from the 2021 Car Buyers Survey
    The 2021 Car Buyers Survey was a ground-breaking piece of work carried out by the radio industry – what has been the radio industry’s response to the key findings?
    Speaker: Laurence Harrison, Director of Automotive Partnerships, Radioplayer Worldwide 
  • The metadata imperative
    Why it's so important for broadcasters to keep working towards providing the best metadata for the car.
    Speaker: Lindsay Cornell, Principal Systems Architect, BBC, and Chairman, WorldDAB Technical Committee
  • Personalised radio in the car
    How can the connected radio add personalisation, and how can localised radio bring a personal radio experience?
    Speaker: Gereon Joachim, Vice President Automotive Sales & Strategy, EMEA, Xperi
  • What is small-scale DAB?
    Speaker: Hanns Wolter, Technical Director, DAB Italia and Chairman, WorldDAB Spectrum and Network Implementation Committee
  • Open-source DAB+ in practice
    Delivering revenue generation opportunities and the latest technical DAB+ technical developments with open source digital radio.
    Speaker: Lukas Weiss, Board member, Digris
  • Local and community radio broadcasters on DAB+
    (1)   United Kingdom
    A not-for-profit model allowing community and student radio stations to be available on digital radio.
    Speakers: Nick Piggott, Director and Project Manager, Bristol Digital Radio and Donald McTernan, Director, Ujima Radio
    (2)   The Netherlands
    Small Scale DAB+ in the Netherlands.
    Speaker: Gerard Lokhoff, Project Manager DAB allotment 76, EUregio Digitaal Foundation


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Session host

Jacqueline Bierhorst, Vice-President, WorldDAB and Project Director, Digital Radio Netherlands

Jacqueline Bierhorst has been a pioneer in commercial radio since 1987, specialized in distribution, marketing and content. She has a strong track record in launching and leading successful commercial television and radio channels in The Netherlands and Belgium. From 2011 till 2015 she was project leader on the roll out of the DAB+ network in The Netherlands and since 2015 she is project director Digital Radio NL, a collaboration between public and commercial broadcasters and the Ministry of Economic Affairs coordinating involvement of all stakeholders. She is vice president of WorldDAB, a member of the WorldDAB Steering Board and has worked with the Flemish Government, Department of Culture, Youth and Media on the introduction of DAB+ in Flanders and is also the country manager Radioplayer Netherlands.



Lindsay Cornell, Principal Systems Architect, BBC Digital and WorldDAB Technical Committee Chairman

Lindsay has worked for the BBC for more than 20 years, in a variety of engineering, editorial and leadership roles spanning radio, TV, and spectrum regulation. He has considerable experience in leading collaborative projects through his roles as Chairman of CEPT FM PT51, dealing with spectrum issues for programme-making, and as Chairman of the WorldDAB and DRM Technical Committees, managing the stability and development of the respective standards.


Laurence Harrison, Director of Automotive Partnerships, Radioplayer Worldwide 

Laurence leads Radioplayer’s work with the automotive industry across Europe and internationally, building partnerships with the leading car manufacturers and multimedia technology suppliers around metadata, HMI design and smart radio development in connected and autonomous cars. He is a current member of the WorldDAB Steering Board and Chaired the WorldDAB User Experience Group for 5 years. With WorldDAB, he led the research and development of the WorldDAB in-car UX guidelines and the subsequent engagement with major car manufacturers. He previously worked for Digital Radio UK where he led the partnerships with car manufacturers that saw digital radio included as standard in all new cars.


Gereon Joachim, Vice President Automotive Sales & Strategy, EMEA, Xperi

Gereon Joachim, Vice President Automotive Sales & Strategy, EMEA, is leading the European automotive business development / sales activities and strategy for Xperi. A senior executive with over 20 years of experience in engineering, program management and sales in the automotive industry, he is focused on delivering extraordinary experiences for in-car infotainment and safety applications to his customers, making rides safer and more enjoyable. Prior to joining Xperi, Gereon held positions at Visteon, Remy International and United Technologies. He holds an MBA in Global eManagement from University of Cologne and a degree in Industrial Engineering from Cologne University of Applied Sciences.




Gerard Lokhoff, Project Manager DAB allotment 76, EUregio Digitaal Foundation

Having worked in the late eighties as system architect at Philips on the Digital Audio Broadcast and Digital Compact Cassette projects, Gerard Lokhoff stayed interested while DAB gradually got rolled out. In 2017 he used the opportunity offered by the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency to perform small scale local DAB tests, and has been the project manager for the 'DAB+ 4 Brainport' ensemble since its start in 2020. He shall discuss small scale DAB in the Netherlands.


Donald McTernan, Director, Ujima Radio

Donald has over 40 years’ experience working in and with the Community. A former Senior Manager at the Community Media Association he has worked with radio stations and media centres across the UK and the EU. He is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Project, Organisational Development, Community Development and Capacity Building, developing and managing employment, training youth and community schemes and projects, Radio, Television, Acting, and Emcee. He graduated from University of Essex and Life.


Nick Piggott, Director and Project Manager, Bristol Digital Radio

Nick has spent the majority of his career working in the radio industry, initially in programming and then moving to digital radio and online innovation. He is one of the founders of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, the open technology project that lets broadcast radio and IP work together, combining the power of broadcasting to reach many people and the power of the internet to deliver enhanced or personalised content. Nick is also the Project Director of RadioDNS 


Lukas Weiss, Board Member, Digris AG

Lukas Weiss is an engineer and is responsible for the political activities of Digris AG (Switzerland), where he is Member of the Board of Directors. He is the ex-President of UNIKOM, the Swiss Union of Not-for-Profit Radios.

Hanns Wolter, Chairman, WorldDAB Regulatory and Spectrum Committee and Technical Director, DAB Italia

Hanns has been working in the DAB world since 2000 as a Product Manager and has, in these years worked on all issues regarding DAB, at both a national and international level, including the introduction of DAB+ in 2007. He is involved in network planning and spectrum issues and also works closely with hardware manufacturers for the deployment of a comprehensive DAB environment. Currently he is responsible for the planning and management of the ongoing roll-out of DAB Italia’s network and all issues related to the creation, distribution and transmission of the multiplex.

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