Radiodays Europe 2019

Event Attended by WorldDAB

Date: 31st March - 2nd April 2019

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Types: Conference, Seminar

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The theme for Radiodays Europe Lausanne 2019 is 'Sound Matters - The Future of Audio'. This theme will run through all parts of the conference, exhibition and events which will be held at Radiodays Europe 2019,  in Lausanne, Switzerland on 31st March to 2nd April next year. 

Radiodays Europe was started as a radio conference, but it’s become more than just radio in recent years. Increasingly radio is part of a mix of ‘sound’ industries. Competing, innovating and merging although all with the common theme of ‘sound’. Radiodays has in recent years become "The meeting point for the world of radio and audio" and this year it's the place to find out why 'Sound Matter' and is the future of audio.

All of the innovations in recent times affecting radio, Spotify, Voice controlled devices, Podcasts etc, remain in the arena of sound. There has been a revolution in the sound world with new platforms, new formats and now new devices offering threats and opportunities to radio in equal measure.

Whether the sound is music or the human voice or now and in the futue the AI voice, sound is still a large part of peoples lives. Radiodays Europe has therefore expanded to include radio and audio with speakers from both industries and other worlds which profoundly influence the 'sound' of radio today and in the future.

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Registration for Radiodays Europe in Lausanne, 2019 is now open! Basic registration is €796 (+ Swiss VAT). As a partner organisation, WorldDAB is able to offer its members the special discount price of €510 (+ Swiss VAT).

This offer is valid until 20 January 2019. More details, including the code needed to register, can be found in the member's area of the WorldDAB website.

Please note, after 20 January there will still be a discount price for members: 550 Euros (+ Swiss VAT), but after 15 February there will only be full price tickets available - so don’t delay if you plan to attend.