DAB Digital Radio across Europe

Organised by WorldDAB Event

Date: 8th June 2017

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Types: Conference

DAB Digital Radio across Europe

Hosted by: Radio Belgrade, Serbia

8 June 2017

Venue: Radio Belgrade, Stone Room, Street Hilandarska No 2, Belgrade, Serbia. 

The purpose of this one-day workshop is the popularisation of digital radio and the exchange of views of all stakeholders in the radio market in Serbia as well as the presentation of information from Europe on the introduction of digital radio. The aim is to initiate discussion about the possibilities and challenges in the process of deployment of digital radio (DAB+) in Serbia.










   Welcome – General Manager of Radio Belgrade

   An overview of the status and priorities of radio industry in Serbia.

   Speaker:  Radio Belgrade







    European Broadcasting Union perspective on digital radio

   EBU supports its members to bring digital radio to their territories, providing them with 

   advice, data and best practice.

   Speaker:  Graham Dixon, Head of Radio, EBU




   DAB+ Global Update and progress report

   WorldDAB is the global industry forum responsible for defining and promoting DAB, 

   the digital radio broadcasting standard for many broadcasters around the world.

   Speaker:  Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDAB  















    Digital radio case studies – United Kingdom, Norway and Slovenia

   UK and Norway are established DAB markets, with Norway now in the process of

   switching off national FM services.Slovenia has recently launched national DAB

   services. This session gives a short overview of each country’s regulation and policy,

   network planning, and business cases for DAB digital radio

   UK speaker:  Yvette Dore, Communications Director, Digital Radio UK

   Norway speaker:  Jørn Jensen, Senior Advisor, NRK Norway

   Slovenia speaker: name tbc, RTV Slovenia


   13:00 – 14:00








   DAB and the automotive sector

   In Norway 98% of new cars now come with DAB as standard, and in UK 87%. 

   How did these two countries get to that point of success, and how are they converting

   to DAB the cars already on the road? 

   UK – 10 minutes

   Norway – 10 minutes

   Q&A – 10 minutes




   The economics of DAB

   This presentation will give an analysis of the broadcaster costs for distributing

   radio content on DAB, FM, and internet.

   Marcello Lombardi, Project Manager, European Broadcasting Union




   Discussion – Q&A




   Closing remarks

   Head of Technical Department, Radio Belgrade





There are a number of good hotels close to the venue, including:

Hotel Opera 

Brace Jugovic16,

Stari Grad,

11000 Beograd,


Telephone: +381 11 7151320

Hotel City Savoy

Cetinjska 3,

Stari Grad,

11000 Beograd,


Telephone: +381 11 3240200

Belgrade Art Hotel

Knez Mihailova 27,

Stari Grad,

11000 Beograd,


Telephone: +381 11 3312000

Hotel Belgrade Inn

Francuska 11,

Stari Grad,

11158 Beograd,


Telephone: +381 11 4000 660

Five Points Square - City Center

Trg Republike 3/V, Stari Grad,

11000 Beograd,


Telephone: +381 11 3287322


Public service radio broadcaster:  RTS

Regional public broadcaster: Radio Television Vojvodina 3

Commercial radio broadcaster: Serbia 4

Public services broadcasters from the region:  Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Republic Srpska etc)

Regional commercial radio stations

Government/regulator organizations

Ministry of Telecommunication

Ministry of Culture and Information

RATEL (regulator)

Representatives of Parliament of Serbia (for telecommunication)



Terrestrial and Communications companies from Serbia and region.

Automotive industry - representatives from FIAT

For further information and to register to attend, please contact: tehnikarb@rts.rs