Getting in touch with TPEG, Munich Germany

Date: 12th May 2015

Location: Munich, Germany

Types: Workshop

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Digital radio industy stakeholders who are interested  in TPEG are invited to attend the TPEG Workshop hosted by Bayerische Medien Technik experts in Munich on May, 27th 2014.

Please note this event will be in German.  Those interested in a similar future event in English are invited to contact BMT directly at:

Bayerische Medien Technik GmbH 
Pfälzer-Wald-Straße 32 | D-81539 München | Germany

Workshop programme 

09:00    Registration              
09:15  Welcome 


Introduction to TPEG technology


From TMC to TPEG 


Main features of TPEG 


Differentiation from other services 


Overview TPEG specifications 


How to build a TPEG application (UML Model) 


Message management 


Geo referencing 


Coding: XML/binary 


Different applications (TEC, TFP, PKI, …)
13:00 Lunch
14:00  TPEG distribution




Mobile communication 


Conditional Access/Encryption


TPEG practically: Hands On Sessions 


TPEG reception and analysis 


 Live reception 


Analysis of TPEG test data (with special tools) 


TPEG Service design and playout 


Design of TPEG services


Playout of TPEG service (with special tools) 



Admission and Registration 

The admission fee is 780,00 Euro plus 19% VAT, which includes handouts and catering.

Please note that there is a minimum and a maximum number of participants for
the workshop (8 to 20). Therefore we reserve the right to cancel reservations due
to under or overbooking.

For more information visit the bmt website: