WDMB General Assembly

Organised by WorldDAB Event

Date: 3rd - 4th November 2008

Location: Beijing, China

Types: Conference, Exhibition

The 14th WorldDMB General Assembly will take place in Beijing, China at the kind invitation of the Academy of Broadcasting Science (ABS). During the GA members will be updated on the latest developments of the DAB family of standards. Please note there will be two days DAB/DAB+/DMB receiver manufactures tour in Shenzhen and Guangdong Ares. Details see below.

November 2nd
November 3rd
10:00 - 17:30 Meeting
12:45 Lunch
19:00 - 23:50 Gala dinner
November 4th
09:00 - 15:31 Meeting
12:45 Lunch
November 6th
- 8th Shenzhen Manufacturers Tour

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Please register if you would like to attend the WorldDMB General Assembly.

Register as an Attendee Register 2 Days Shenzhen Manufacturers Tour

Please note you will need to book the domestic flights from Beijing to Shenzhen ASAP on our recommended website - www.expedia.com

Thursday 6th Nov 2008 - Travel day to Shenzhen

Flights from Beijing to Shenzhen:

Option 1

11:15 Depart Beijing (PEK)
Arrive Shenzhen (SZX) 14:15 Thu 6-Nov
Duration: 3hr 0min
Air China 1313
Direct flight

Option 2 14:35 Depart Beijing (PEK)
Arrive Shenzhen (SZX) 17:25 Thu 6-Nov
Duration: 2hr 50min
Hainan Air 7701
Direct flight

Option 3 16:00 Depart Beijing (PEK)
Arrive Shenzhen (SZX) 19:00 Thu 6-Nov
Duration: 3hr 0min
Air China 1357
Direct flight

Return flight from Shenzhen to Beijing:

Option 1 on 8th 20:05 Depart Shenzhen (SZX)
Arrive Beijing (PEK) 23:15 Sat 8-Nov
Duration: 3hr 10min
Air China 1358
Direct flight

Option 1 on 9th 09:30 Depart Shenzhen (SZX)
Arrive Beijing (PEK) 12:30 Sun 9-Nov
Duration: 3hr 0min
Air China 1306
Direct flight

Option 2 on 9th 11:50 Depart Shenzhen (SZX)
Arrive Beijing (PEK) 14:55 Sun 9-Nov
Duration: 3hr 5min
Air China 1338
Direct flight

Option 3 on 9th 14:05 Depart Shenzhen (SZX)
Arrive Beijing (PEK) 17:10 Sun 9-Nov
Duration: 3hr 5min
Air China 1368
Direct flight

Note: There are more options available - this is just a selection from www.expedia.com

Hotel in Shenzhen

We have negotiated a good rate with the Hotel Kempinski in Shenzhen and would recommend staying in this hotel during the tour.

Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen
Hai De San Dao, Hou Hai Bin Road
Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518054, P.R.C

Pleasefill in the hotel booking form attached to this email and return to Miss Avon Zhang: Avon.Zhang@KEMPINSKI.COM as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

Thursday 6th Nov 2008 - Pre Tour Drink

20:30: Networking Drinks Event at hotel

Friday 7th Nov 2008 – Tour day 1

09:00 - 18:00: Meet at hotel lobby visiting short listed manufacturers in Guangdong areas.

Saturday 8th Nov 2008, Tour day 2

09:00 – 17:00: Meet at hotel lobby to visit short listed manufacturers in Shenzhen areas.

CostWorldDAB Members only

Register as an Exhibitor Table Top Exhibit

Please register if your company would like to exhibit during the WorldDMB General Assembly. Each exhibiting member will receive a 2 meter long table

CostWorldDAB Members only