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DAB+ trials started in the capital Tashkent on 27 December 2021 from the Tashkent TV Tower, with the second city Samarkand added in August 2022 from the Cho‘pon-ota transmitter site. 16 state and non-state radio channels are broadcast. Further expansion is now being considered.

CRRT selects Enensys to launch DAB pilot zone in Uzbekistan
25.05.2023 - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
CRRT – the national operator of DVB-T/T2 Digital Terrestrial Television in Uzbekistan, is considering the possibility of launching new DAB digital radio services in several regions. Looking for a quick and cost-effective solution, the decision was made to reuse old analog VHF transmitters. To do so, ENENSYS’ Twister II was chosen to upgrade to the DAB standard. CRRT already successfully upgraded its high-power TV station in Tashkent with Twister II, and thus ensured excellent DAB signal distribution in the capital of Uzbekistan.

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Uzbek Ministry of Digital Technologies visit Italian DAB+ company
23.05.2023 - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
At the invitation of the Elenos Group company of the Italy, the representatives of the Ministry of Digital Technologies and the management of the "Radioaloqa, Radioeshittirish va Televidenie Markazi" (RRTM) visited the production plants of the Elenos Group located in the Italian cities of Ferrara and Orvieto. During the visit, it is planned to get acquainted with FM and DAB+ standard radio broadcasting devices and production possibilities, and to expand cooperation in these directions, to learn about the construction and operation of new DVB-T2 digital television transmitters and DAB+ standard digital radio networks. Also, the presentation of DAB+ digital radio transmitters, FM radio transmitters, DVB-T/T2 standard digital television transmitters produced by this company was closely studied. Currently, Itelco DAB+ transmitters belonging to this company are working as a test for the introduction of the DAB+ standard in Uzbekistan.

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Digital radio broadcasting in DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) standard is now in Samarkand
31.08.2022 - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
The Republic of Uzbekistan was one of the first among the Central Asian countries to start broadcasting DAB+ standard radio in test mode in Tashkent. The radio broadcasting equipment has been brought from abroad, and 16 state and non-state radio channels have started to be broadcast in the DAB+ standard on a trial basis by the specialists of the "RTTM" DUK through the Cho‘pon-ota radio and television station in Samarkand.

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DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) standard digital radio broadcasting was launched in Tashkent city in test mode
08.04.2022 - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
On the initiative of the ICT Ministry, DAB+ digital radio channels have been provided to the residents of Tashkent city from December 27 2021 at the Tashkent TV tower by the "RRTM" DUK. 16 radio channels from one transmitter ("Uzbekistan", "Yoshlar", "Mahalla", "Uzbekistan 24", "Oriat Dono", "Oriat FM", "Vadiy Sadosi", "Capital (Uzb)") "Poytakht (Russian)", "Grand", "Voice of Youth", "Maxima", "Avtoradio Hamroh", "Navroz", "Nostalgiya", "Uzbegim taronasi") are broadcast in test mode at the frequency of 199.360 MHz (8C). Testing is currently underway.

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DAB+ digital broadcasting in test format was launched in Tashkent
05.01.2022 - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
On the initiative of the Ministry of Information Technologies "CRRT" DUK, from December 27 of this year, DAB+ standard digital radio channels were launched in a test format for the residents of the city of Tashkent from the Tashkent TV Tower. At a time when Europe is moving from analogue FM to modern digital broadcasting, the Republic of Uzbekistan was one of the first in Central Asia to introduce modern technologies in the field of radio broadcasting to launch DAB+ standard digital broadcasting in a test format.

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