Martinique - Current situation - History


The French regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital communication, Arcom, has authorised an experiment involving the broadcasting of a multiplex of ten services from three sites in Martinique, from 1 January to 30 September 2023. Services scheduled to be broadcast from the start of the DAB+ trial in overseas France: Radio Fusion, Fusion 100%, Fusion Compass, Fusion Gold, Fusion salsa kl@moson.


The CSA - the French public audiovisual regulatory authority - has authorised an experiment in DAB+ broadcasting. The multiplex will carry nine stations: Radio Fusion, Radio Évangile Martinique, Radio actif Martinique, Radio identité, Fusion 100% Infos, Fusion Compas, Fusion salsa kl@moson, Fusion Gold and Maknet Jazz. The trial is authorised from three sites in La Trinité, Rivière-Pilote and Le Diamant for a period of one year starting on 1 September 2021.