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DAB+ has been adopted as the official digital radio standard in Israel. The Israeli Ministry of Communication offered a permanent DAB+ country-wide licence for tender in 2008.
The licence is for a period of 14 years and the winning bidder is expected to make provision for 36 channels and
achieve a coverage area of 80%, rising to between 90% and 98%, depending on location. There has been no response to the Ministry’s initial call for bids, and it may be that a multiplatform landscape, including DAB+, would better suit the country’s needs.

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The trial period infrastructure (using DAB) was able to reach about 85% of the population. However, this infrastructure is no longer in use.

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BEZEQ, Israel’s largest telecom company, ran a trial DAB multiplex between 1996 and 2008 broadcasting seven services to 80% of the country via six transmission sites.

In 2008, these transmissions ceased as the Ministry of Communication put out to tender a national DAB+ multiplex licence.

LG Stylus 2 review
26.06.2016 - LG Electronics WorldDAB Member - Israel Israel
The LG Stylus 2 is the world's first smartphone to have a DAB+ tuner included.

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Siano Launches Advanced Multi-Standard Digital Radio Receiver Chip ...
26.02.2014 - Israel Israel
The SMS2160 is the world's most versatile digital radio IC and supports T-DMB/DAB/DAB+.

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EtherWaves newly released DAB+/ DAB software receiver version for multicore Linux also supports TPEG
21.09.2012 - Israel Israel
The new version of the Software Defined Radio (SDR) based ClearSignal supports novel services such as TPEG, DL+ and EPM, while executing across multi cores of Linux based GENIVI and Android architectures.

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EtherWaves to add Software Defined Radio (SDR) based DAB/DMB Receiving Software to GENIVI and Android devices
01.11.2011 - Israel Israel
The increasing processing power pushed by the smartphone market finally enables an upgrade path to automotive and mobile devices, to avoid the need for specialized DSPs

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Novel Digital Radio - FM Synchronization Mechanism for In-Car Multi-Standard Receivers from EtherWaves
08.01.2010 - Israel Israel
Seamless switching between DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, DRM and FM reception for high-class SDR (Software Defined Radio) in-car receivers

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EtherWaves Reveals New Innovative In-Car Multi-Standard Dual-Tuner Digital Radio Solution
08.01.2010 - Israel Israel
New DAB, DAB+, T-DMB and DRM Version Ensures Long-Term Cost-Performance for Car Manufacturers

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Siano unveils newest multistandard mobile TV chip
07.10.2009 - Siano Mobile Silicon - Israel Israel
In addition, it supports digital radio — DAB and DAB+ technologies as well as analog FM radio. Integrating two SMS1230 units supports antenna diversity, ...

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EtherWaves and Primula Technologies partner to offer the largest variety of Digital Radio solutions
15.09.2009 - Israel Israel
EtherWaves and Primula Technologies today announced a partnership to deliver a whole new range of Digital Radio solutions

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