Last update: 14.03.2019

The Republic of Belarus is actively considering the deployment of DAB+ for the digitisation of radio, using existing broadcast infrastructure. In December 2018 the Ministry of Communications and Information organised a working meeting at which it was decided to research the introduction of digital radio in the Republic of Belarus.  

In January 2019, the Ministry of Communications and Information entered an agreement with network operator JSC Giprosvyaz to do a feasibility study on the implemenation of DAB+, to include a DAB+ trial and the development of a frequency plan for the buildout of a national DAB+ network.


Last update: 14.03.2019

A DAB+ trial  will take place in April 2019. and the data obtained during the trial will be used in the calculation of the optimal frequency-territorial network plan, the design of the distribution network, and the justification of the choice of equipment.

Experts from Giprosvyaz OJSC, Beletelkom RUE, BelGIE RUE, Promsvyaz OJSC are involved in the organization of trial.

Belarus government planning for DAB+
11.04.2019 - Belarus Belarus
The Ministry of Communications and Information will develop a frequency plan for the deployment of DAB+, with three multiplexes each with approximately 18 stations. The companies Giprosvjaz, Tract and Tract Media are taking an active role in launching and testing DAB+ digital radio in Minsk.

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Belarus to launch DAB+ pilot test in April
12.03.2019 - Belarus Belarus
According to the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of Belarus, a DAB+ pilot test is set to take place in Belarus between this April. The test, which will be carried out by the network operator Giprosvyaz, is set to take place between 1-19 April 2019.

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