Parrot Automotive SAS


Parrot Automotive is among the industry leaders in the Connected Automotive Infotainment space and also the leading provider of digital TV & Radio solutions in mobility. Parrot supplies its solutions worldwide to a wide range of Automotive OEMs.

Parrot Automotive’s core competency lies in years of experience developing software libraries, such as hands free telephony, media management, digital signal processing and speech recognition. Parrot Automotive’s most recent achievement lies in developing a solution relative to TV/Radio tuner. Parrot Automotive has developed architecture and patented algorithms for fast and accurate channel estimation and high Doppler compensation. With this solution, the ability to overcome mobile digital terrestrial television and digital radio reception issues all while maintaining its intended high-quality service is achievable.

With Parrot Automotive’s extensive experience, an offering of a wide range of automotive solutions is possible. Among these solutions, Parrot offers Premium Rear Seat Entertainment & Media Center Box, which creates an environment of broadcasting media content to embedded and brought in Consumer Electronics devices. In addition, Parrot Automotive has launched the first true global programmable TV/Radio receiver which allows the support of multiple standards through software programming. The Tuner chips are compliant with Digital Video Broadcast standards DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, T-DMB, DAB, DAB+, DRM, CMMB, CTTB and ATSC. The DAB chips offered by Parrot include: Octopus 2S, Octopus 3 and Octopus 3+.