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Enjoy DAB+ on holiday
10.07.2017 - Germany - Germany
Just in time for the summer get-away, ARD and Deutschlandradio have expanded the DAB+ transmitter networks in the holiday regions of Germany. DAB+ is now available in most north and east coastal spots, the Bavarian Alps, the Bavarian Forest, the Bodensee region and the Black Forest.
From Radioszene:

DS 3 hatchback
10.07.2017 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Every Chic model comes fitted with DAB digital radio and Bluetooth.
From Car Keys:

DAB+ on holiday: 56 per cent of Europeans can receive digital radio
10.07.2017 - Germany - Germany
Just in time for the summer holiday season, ARD and Deutschlandradio have expanded the DAB+ transmitter networks across the holiday regions of Germany. DAB + is now audible in most of the well-known German holiday regions. More generally, DAB+ availability is increasing across Europe - 56 per cent of Europeans can now receive digital radio.
From InfoDigital:

Media Broadcast launching four additional national DAB+ sites
WorldDAB Members News - 10.07.2017 - Media Broadcast GmbH - Germany - Germany
Media Broadcast, Germany's largest transmission provider, is adding four additional national DAB+ transmission sites to its nationwide digital radio network, broadcasting on Channel 5C. The focus of the development is in the Lower Saxony and Brandenburg regions.

KISS Fresh goes national on DAB digital radio
10.07.2017 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The Bauer station is now available on the Digital One multiplex as it changes its playlist to offer a bigger point of difference to the main KISS FM UK service. KISS Fresh will play more new tracks across the dance, house, hip-hop and RnB genres.
From Radio Today:

Digital radio progress welcomed at event
WorldDAB Members News - 10.07.2017 - Digital Radio UK - Arqiva - Global - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Digital radio progress was celebrated at a special Digital Radio Summer Reception on Monday at Global in London...Most of the UK now has access to over fifty DAB stations, with many of the major cities having access to over seventy.
From Radio Today:

Media Broadcast launching four additional sites for national DAB+ radio
WorldDAB Members News - 08.07.2017 - Media Broadcast GmbH - Germany - Germany
Media Broadcast is to expand the channel network for the German national DAB+ radio offering in channel 5C. Further transmitter locations in the Federal territory will be added in the coming weeks, which will further optimise the supply of DAB+ nationally. The main focus of the project will be in rural areas of Baden-Württemberg (connected to the network on 20 April 2017), Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein.
From Media Broadcast:

New DAB transmitters turned on in Leicestershire
07.07.2017 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
An official switch-on event earlier today marked the introduction of four new DAB transmitters for Leicestershire. Together they will reach 250,000 listeners throughout this area of the UK.
From Radio Today:

Increasing the market share of RMS
07.07.2017 - Austria - Austria
In an interview with Joachim Feher, Managing Director of RMS Austria, he talks about the role of DAB+ in the digitisation of radio. "From a marketing perspectiveDAB+ makes us more attractive to the public, and makes sure we have a lot more reach on the commercial side."
From Medianet:

The automotive industry continues to focus on DAB+
07.07.2017 - Spain - Spain
"Our message to the automotive industry today is that all vehicles must have FM and digital radio capabilities, offering the best experience for drivers across the continent." said Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDAB at the recent Automotive Event in Munich where it was also announced that in 2016, 4.6 million new cars were sold in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia, 40% more than in 2015.
From The Radioeschucha:

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