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BBC radio on DAB+
WorldDAB Members News - 12.10.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
BBC is one of the most respected broadcasters in the world. At the end of this month, BBC World will be added to Norkring's commercial offering via DAB+.
From Norkring:

WorldDAB Announces Keynote Speakers
10.10.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
With the WorldDAB General Assembly 2015 less than a month away, more keynote speakers have been confirmed to take part in the conference. Graham Ellis, Deputy Director, radio, BBC; Graham Dixon, Head of radio, EBU; Julia Maier-Hauff, sScretary General, AER; and Col. Dr. Sukonrat Natee, Vice-Chairman, National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand, are among the new additions to the keynote lineup.
From Radio World:

Pure Evoke D4 Miio review
WorldDAB Members News - 10.10.2015 - Pure - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The classy-looking Evoke D4 also has support for Bluetooth, letting you play audio from any compatible device... Holding one of the five preset buttons saves it for quick access. You can actually save up to 15 preset FM or DAB stations but to access six and above you’ll need to press a button and scroll up using the multifunction dial.
From Expert Reviews:

Radio’s Most Innovative: Fun Kids
09.10.2015 - United States - United States - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
In the UK, today, 60% of the country listen to some form of digital radio... Digital listening now accounts for 40% of UK radio’s time spent listening and two thirds of that is through DAB, so there’s a great opportunity to build cume and share if you’re on the right platforms. With radio still hugely popular in the country and growing listening figures for digital radio stations, we decided it was worth a go.
From JacoBlog:

The Future Is Bright
09.10.2015 - Australia - Australia - New Zealand - New Zealand
In a world of constant innovation what's next for radio? Steve Austin spoke to James Cridland who is a radio futurologist and Managing Director of
From Radio Today (Aust & NZ):

#CRAConf: "The way we listen to radio is changing"
09.10.2015 - Australia - Australia
Absolute Radio in the UK launched a range of digital stations in addition to their main channel, giving people an opportunity to move across to brands that might fit them better...This meant the audience could hear their favourite songs, but still hear the stations key breakfast show. As a result, time spent listening increased.
From Radioinfo:

Beatboxer Tom Thum takes on the musical spectrum in latest push to sell ...
09.10.2015 - Australia - Australia
Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commerical Radio Australia, said in a statement: “The industry was looking for an innovative way of communicating the variety of DAB+ digital stations to audiences and to show there is something for everyone on digital radio.”
From MuMbrella:

Ad for DAB+ promotes extra channels
WorldDAB Members News - 09.10.2015 - Commercial Radio Australia - Australia - Australia
Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has launched a new marketing campaign for DAB+ digital radio featuring Australian beatboxer Tom Thum, creatively illustrating the many different genres and stations available on DAB+ digital radio in Australia, through the use of his incredible vocal techniques.

Substantially more cars with DAB+ digital radio in Netherlands
09.10.2015 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The number of new cars equipped with DAB + digital radio has doubled in the first half of this year. There driving over 30,000 new cars with a digital radio receiver. That is 14% of the total number of cars sold in the first half of this year and a doubling compared to the same period a year earlier.
From Radio.NL:

Manchester radio station Sunset will rise again from Monday
08.10.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The New SUNSET Radio, playing soul, jazz and smooth grooves, will broadcast on DAB radio from 7am. Station manager Mike Shaft said, “It’s been a long time coming but Manchester will once again have a Black and Minority Ethnic music station that we can all be proud of.”
From Manchester Evening News:

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