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TTMicro flourishing in Norway
24.01.2017 - Norway - Norway
In 2015 the company was in a difficult place financially, but two years on the company is thriving thanks to consumers in Norway looking to fit digital radios in their cars ahead of the digital switchover in their area.
From Dagens Næringsliv:

European Radio Show extends reach
24.01.2017 - France - France
With “Global Media” as its theme, the three-day event, which has in the past honored Québec, Switzerland and Belgium, will this year put special focus on the United Kingdom. On agenda are a number of U.K.-oriented sessions and debates, as part of the show’s celebration of its neighbor to the north.
From Radio World:

Cellphones crucial to digital radio in SA
24.01.2017 - South Africa - South Africa
Widespread penetration of cellular phones with integrated digital radio receivers is crucial if the technology is going to take off in South Africa, according to Primedia Broadcasting CEO Omar Essack.
From TechCentral:

Ukraine moves forward with DAB+
24.01.2017 - Ukraine - Ukraine
Following a meeting on Dec. 22, the Ukraine National Council has announced that it plans to make spectrum available for DAB+ on its 174–230 MHz radio frequency band.
From Radio World:

News Scotland joins Glasgow radio event panel
WorldDAB Members News - 24.01.2017 - Digital Radio UK - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Richard Bogie, General Manager of News Scotland will form part of the expanding panel, which consists of BBC Radio Scotland’s Sharon Mair, Editor Radio Events Music & Partnerships, and Station Editor of the recent digital pop-up station BBC Radio Scotland Music Extra, Piers Collins, Strategic Development, Legal & Business Affairs at Wireless Group which runs the Central Scotland Switch Digital multiplex and who recently collaborated on the Scottish Sun’s digital Christmas pop-up station, and Adam Findlay, Group MD of New Wave Group which owns Central FM.
From Radio Today:

Switchover to DAB with New AutoDAB-FM
WorldDAB Members News - 24.01.2017 - Connects2 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The AutoDAB-FM is an in-car DAB adapter which upgrades an existing FM system to receive DAB and DAB+ digital radio. Using an FM transmitter for delivery and a dedicated RF remote for control, the product has been designed to equip almost any vehicle with digital radio in time for switch-over.
From Connects2:

European Radio Show interested in development of digital radio
On Tuesday, 31 January at 11:00 am during the European Radio Show, WorldDAB will present an overview of the growth of digital radio in the United Kingdom and Europe. Prestigious speakers will present the advances of DAB+ in their country and then a panel focusing on three countries will take place for a questions and answers session.
From La Lettre Pro:

What's the current status of digital radio in Europe?
23.01.2017 - Italy - Italy - Austria - Austria - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Updates on the growth of DAB+ across Italy, UK and Austria.
From Radio Magazine:

First country to turn off FM Radio stands to save $25 millon per year
23.01.2017 - Norway - Norway
Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) provides a more stable signal compared to FM, though it’s sound quality can be inferior. DAB is the cheaper service, however, and the move will reportedly save Norway £21 million per year (around $25 million) and allow them to sell its FM bandwidth to someone else.
From Sound Guys:

WorldDAB announces agenda for European Radio Show session
23.01.2017 - France - France
From France, J-E Valli, president of Les Indés Radios, and Jean-Marc Dubreuil of WorldDAB will be featured in the session; the U.K. has Jimmy Buckland from Wireless Group and Jonathan Arendt from Jazz FM as its reps; Jørn Jensen of NRK will be on hand from Norway; Marcel Regnotto, Ofcom, comes from Switzerland; Carsten Zorger, Digitalradio Büro Deutschland, hails from Germany; and Jacqueline Bierhorst is coming from Digital Radio Netherlands.
From Radio World:

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