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Bush Heritage II Connect digital radio
27.07.2015 - Australia - Australia
It's more than just a 'retro' digital (DAB) radio, or even an Internet radio. It's very much an all-round digital audio 'solution'.
From PC World:

DAB digital radio: State of Play
23.07.2015 - France - France
In addition to providing better audio quality, digital radio offers other advantages, such as power consumption about 60% lower compared to FM radio. Station search is by name rather than frequency and additional services such as images can be added.
From Cobra:

DABMotion introduce training incentives for garages
21.07.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Garages that wish to use the installer Digital Radio Certification Mark, also known as Tick Mark, must complete the official IMI DAB Radio Installation Technician Accreditation, which is now available through Celsus.
From Garage Wire:

PPL alone in charging broadcasters for DAB small scale tests
21.07.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
PPL, the body that collects music royalty payments on behalf of record companies, has re-affirmed that it plans to charge existing stations an additional fee to simulcast on a nine-month technical trial of small-scale DAB.

Yes to digital radio in North Calais
21.07.2015 - France - France
The "Collective Radio North" which includes channels Delta FM, Horizon, Mona FM and Radio 6 encourage the actions being currently made to roll out digital radio in France. "Digital radio guarantees the modernisation of a regulated radio that offers the development of new services while preserving free anonymity. We say 'Yes' to digital radio in the North of Calais."
From La Lettre Pro:

Radioplayer to help power hybrid radio
20.07.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Radioplayer has launched a new 'hybrid adaptor', a free software service for all Radioplayer member stations, to improve their visual impact on hybrid radio receivers. Listeners with hybrid radios (which combine DAB and FM with extra features powered by the internet) will see colourful logos and programme information on their radio screens. Radioplayer uses existing data and images held for each station, and is formatting data in the RadioDNS hybrid radio format.

ZVEI position paper on digitisation strategy
20.07.2015 - Germany - Germany
The full position paper outlining the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association ZVEI's position on a digital radio strategy is now available for download.
From ZVEI:

Czech Radiokomunikace temporarily interrupts DAB+ pilot - Telecompaper
20.07.2015 - Czech Republic - Czech Republic
Czech Radiokomunikace is planning a temporary shutdown of DAB broadcasting from 20 July until the beginning of September. The reason is its preparation of new technology for the next stage of broadcasting and the evaluation of its findings so far.
From Telecompaper:

ZVEI Supports Germany's Digital Strategy
20.07.2015 - Germany - Germany
Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI), the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, announced in a statement that it is in support of the German government's strategy for transitioning to DAB digital radio.
From Radio World:

CNRA requires regular consultation with community radio stations
20.07.2015 - France - France
As part of new calls for applications for digital radio stations, the CNRA (National Confederation of Free Radios) have asked again for the CSA and Ministry of Culture and Communication to have regular consultations with community radio stations.
From La Lettre Pro:

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