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Reviews to mind! START «Prev New compact DAB+ radios from Xoro
30.09.2016 - Germany - Germany
XORO has launched two new compact DAB+ digital radios onto the market - the DAB 110 and DAB 200.
From Reinhören:

Helen Boaden steps down as BBC Director of Radio
WorldDAB Members News - 30.09.2016 - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
BBC Director of Radio Helen Boaden has resigned from her post, retiring after 34 years. Helen will step down in March 2017 as James Purnell, who already has responsibility for education, will bring together network Radio, Arts, Music, Learning and Children’s as Director, Radio & Education.
From Radio Today:

Pure sold to an Austrian investment company
WorldDAB Members News - 29.09.2016 - Pure - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Imagination Technologies has sold digital radio manufacturer Pure to an Austrian investment company, AVenture GmbH. Commenting on the deal, Pure’s general manager, Paul Smith said: “We have an ambition to grow, and under the umbrella of AVenture, we can achieve that. The future for DAB+ across Europe is extremely exciting and Pure is a leading brand in a rapidly growing market, driven by geographical adoption and digital switch over. We have a strong vision for the future with innovation at the heart of this, giving Pure a unique opportunity within the market.”
From Radio Today:

Media Broadcast launches the final sprint for the nationwide digital radio supply
WorldDAB Members News - 29.09.2016 - Media Broadcast GmbH - Germany - Germany
Media Broadcast has launched its 100th transmitter in Kreuzberg in Bavaria. The end of 2016 will be a total of 110 transmitter sites in operation
From Info Digital:

RAI urged to take stronger role in rollout of DAB+ across Italy
29.09.2016 - Italy - Italy
At an event held by the regulator AGCOM at the Italian Parliament in Rome on 27 September, AGCOM called for more support and further investment from public broadcaster RAI in the continued rollout of DAB digital radio. Citing the leading role taken by public broadcasters in Norway, Germany and UK in the rollout of DAB digital radio in those countries, RAI was urged to do more in terms of investment, to ensure adequate DAB signal coverage on motorways, tunnels, and indoors, and by offering new programmes and services to ensure a digital future for radio in Italy.
From Key4Biz:

WorldDAB maps digital radio across the world
29.09.2016 - Czech Republic - Czech Republic
Data in the most recent WorldDAB infographic includes sales performance, current status and the number of DAB/DAB+ stations compared with FM/AM station.

Graham Dixon stressed the importance of digital radio in a mobile world
WorldDAB Members News - 29.09.2016 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - France - France
As he explained at in a session at IBC, Graham Dixon,Head of Radio at EBU said digital broadcasting meets the needs of listeners and industry for terrestrial radio; it is important to incorporate DAB + receivers in mobile devices.
From La Lettre Pro:

Digital radio in Italy: an opportunity for citizens, the market, and business
28.09.2016 - Italy - Italy
An opportunity to watch the presentations from the event 'Digital radio in Italy: an opportunity for citizens, the market and business’, which took place on 27th September. Please note the presentations are in Italian, except Patrick Hannon in English at 33min 40 sec.
From Radio Radicale:

Sangean WFR-30
28.09.2016 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The Sangean WFR-3, is a tabletop internet/DAB+ radio with trustworthy sound. The wooden cabinet gives it a great and warm sound. Its black color gives the radio a timeless design and fits in almost every interior.
From Sangean:

EBU Head of Radio underlines importance of robust distribution at Italian radio seminar
28.09.2016 - Italy - Italy
The EBU’s Head of Radio, Graham Dixon, has emphasised the importance of maintaining a robust, reliable and contemporary platform for radio transmission at a seminar on digital broadcasting in Rome. At the event organised by Italian regulator AGCOM at the Italian Parliament, Dixon noted sadly, “we have seen during the past year's emergency situations and attacks in major European centres of population – Paris, Nice, Brussels and Munich. These are the times when people most need reliable information, and when any IP solution is most likely to fail due to overload, or even the necessity to curtail service to protect the public.”
From EBU:

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