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New Ford Territiry Titamium released
20.10.2016 - Russian Federation - Russian Federation
The new machine is equipped with a modern digital radio, which is also controlled via the touch screen. For better radio reception system has a DAB+ reciever, which is located in a small antenna located on the roof.

Future-proof new car buying: these models offer DAB+
20.10.2016 - Germany - Germany
With a DAB+ car radio new vehicles are future-proof. About one in ten models on the German car market is already equipped with a factory DAB+ enabled device, for over half of all models, it is available as an option. New car buyers are advised to check carefully before buying to equip their car with a digital radio.

NRK offers users instant chat if they have questions about DAB
20.10.2016 - Norway - Norway
NRK has begun offering listeners an option to chat live with a radio advisor if they have any questions about DAB and the upcoming digital switchover. The service is free of charge.
From Radio Assistant:

Digital radio panel at Medientage Munich
19.10.2016 - Germany - Germany
A panel during the event will explore ways Germany can successfully embrace DAB+. The panel will include representatives from Digital Radio NL, WorldDAB, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Offcom Switzerland, Bauer Media UK & Digital Radio Deutschland.
From InfoSat:

ERF Pop on DAB+ in Hamburg
WorldDAB Members News - 19.10.2016 - Media Broadcast GmbH - Germany - Germany
MEDIA BROADCAST has announced the launch of Christian-oriented radio station "ERF Pop" on the regional digital radio transmitter network in Hamburg.
From InfoSat:

Pioneer: new car radios with USB, Bluetooth and DAB+
19.10.2016 - Poland - Poland
Two new models equipped with a DAB+ digital radio receiver, DEH-4900DAB and MVH-290DAB, have been launched. Both models come with time shift function that allows the listener to rewind live radio.
From Auto Świat:

Tips for good DAB reception
WorldDAB Members News - 19.10.2016 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
NRK provide top tips for ensuring you get a good digital radio signal including: updating the channel list and checking the antenna.
From NRK:

WorldDAB announces new trio of speakers for General Assembly
19.10.2016 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Heike Raab, Land of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Øyvind Christensen, Ministry for Culture, Norway and Ian O’Neill, Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)- UK will join the previously announced Jimmy Buckland, Andreas Geiss and Patrice Gélinet as keynote speakers at the event.
From Radio World:

Germany considers banning sale of certain analogue-only radios
19.10.2016 - Germany - Germany
The Federal Council and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) want to change legislation making all radios sold in Germany after the first of January of 2019 capable of receiving digital radio transmissions.
From Radio Magazine:

Latvian Radio to test digital audio broadcasting technology
19.10.2016 - Latvia - Latvia
Latvian Radio will be able to test the digital radio technology in collaboration with the Latvian State Radio and Television Center over a period of one year. The National Electronic Mass Media Council has decided not to offer the opportunity to commercial broadcasters during that time.
From The Baltic Course:

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