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DAB+ coming to Flanders
WorldDMB Members News - 27.01.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
This Spring,DAB+ will be available in Dutch speaking areas of Belgium with a plan to cover the whole of Flanders. Initially the stations launching in these areas will be Top Radio, VBRO Radio, Radio Maria, Radio FG and Radiostad en Family Radio. "DAB + is not the future, DAB + is now!" Said Bart Bosmans, CEO Norkring Belgium. "This new technology also offers many other features, such as better traffic, sending additional data and slideshows. DAB + offers incredible benefits for both the radio and for the listeners. DAB + is now live. The platform has the capacity to welcome additional radios."
From Norkring:

Kiss DAB retune in Swindon and West Wiltshire
26.01.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Dance music station Kiss FM UK will be removed from local DAB multiplexes serving Swindon and West Wiltshire from the end of the month. The transmission of Kiss on local DAB dates back to a time before Kiss was distributed nationally on DAB digital radio. This change is part of a process of withdrawing Kiss from local multiplexes as carriage contracts expire.
From a516digital:

Spectrum still an issue in Algeria
26.01.2015 - Algeria - Algeria
"One option...", says Abdelmalek Hoyou, director general of the country’s national transmission service provider Telediffusion d’Algérie “ to switch to DAB digital radio,” adding that the extinction of analogue TV in Band III would enable the country to secure available frequencies for both public and commercial radio broadcasters through a multiplexing system.
From Radio World:

Sirti responds to CSA's announcement on digital radio in France
22.01.2015 - France - France
The report shows the commitment of the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) of employing the rapid deployment of digital radio in France. The CSA's report shows their enthusiasm for DAB+ and recognises the investment needed to educate all publishers, broadcasters, manufacturers, distributors and listeners to this new generation of radio.
From Sirti:

Alliance for Digital Radio welcome CSA report
WorldDMB News - 22.01.2015 - France - France
In a statement today, the Alliance of Digital Radio initiative welcomed the conclusions of the CSA's report on the role of terrestrial digital radio in France in future broadcasting.
From Alliance for Digital Radio :

Hallam 3 launches on DAB
21.01.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
A new radio station has been launched in Sheffield - with bosses promising it will offer ‘something special’ to the city. Hallam 3 - described as Hallam FM’s ‘little sister’ - was launched this week on digital radio and started broadcasting on Monday, January 19.
From The Star:

Toyota RAV4 Business Edition with DAB
21.01.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Bringing a wealth of kit aimed at meeting company car drivers' needs, a new Business Edition grade has been added to the RAV4 line-up for 2015.This includes DAB digital radio, Bluetooth, a rear-view camera and access to on-line information and entertainment services, via Toyota’s customer portal.
From Fleet World:

French regulator – Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) – publishes report on future of broadcast digital radio in France
21.01.2015 - France - France
Priority areas are identified as those which have had trials with positive results (Nantes, Lyon), border areas where FM spectrum is limited (Lille, Strasbourg), and areas with a limited analogue radio offering... The CSA wishes to launch digital terrestrial radio in a first series of new areas and, at the same time, consult with stakeholders on the selection of areas for future deployment, at a pace suited to the ability of stakeholders involved.
From Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel:

CSA express wish to extend digital radio coverage in France
21.01.2015 - France - France
The Higher Audiovisual Council announced that it wished to continue the deployment of digital terrestrial radio (RNT) in France in the border areas and in areas where the supply of FM is limited, according to a report released Wednesday.
From Notre temps:

What is the future for digital radio?
21.01.2015 - France - France
Pierre Boucard, the SNRL (National Union of Free Radio) and director of Sun , Community Radio Nantes, came to Skol to explain the ins and outs of the future of Digital Terrestrial Radio, commonly known by its acronym: the RNT.
From Skol Radio :

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