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BBC national digital radio continues to expand its DAB coverage
WorldDMB Members News - 31.10.2014 - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The BBC has launched a further twelve national DAB transmitters bringing the total number of transmitters to 278 and covering more than 95% of the UK population. This is part of the current phase of their digital radio network expansion plan bringing a further 2 million people into the coverage area and increasing coverage from 93% to 97% by the end of 2015. The roll out is not only adding new areas into the coverage of the network but also improving reception for existing listeners in certain areas.
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First private digital radio platform in Hamburg
30.10.2014 - Germany - Germany
The Media Council of Medienanstalt Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein (MA HSH) Media Broadcast GmbH has allocated transmission capacity for the operation of a digital radio platform in the Hamburg area. This is nationwide for the first time the total transmission capacity of a DAB+ channel has been assigned to a broadcasting platform operators. At the same time so that in Northern Germany clears the way for the spread of the first regional program package with private radio services on DAB+.
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Trash Can added to local DAB
30.10.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Trash Can Radio has become the latest new station to join the local DAB service covering Surrey and South London. The station describes itself as the home of "trashy Rock’n’Roll, Old School Rhythm & Blues, Punk, Ska, Rockabilly, 60s Garage punk and all other kinds of pure trash music." "We cover South London with 5 million potential listeners and our reach extends even to north of the Thames, you may receive our broadcasts even in Shoreditch!"
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Ofcom consults on small scale DAB
30.10.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Ofcom has commenced a consultation exercise over proposed trials, which aim to provide smaller commercial and community radio stations with a low-cost gateway on to DAB digital radio.
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DAB network optimised across Norway
28.10.2014 - Norway - Norway
New transmitters are being added to optimise the DAB coverage across Norway.
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More DAB+ transmitters and antennas in Bavaria
28.10.2014 - Germany - Germany
By Spring 2015, new programs will go on air in Bavaria. State-wide networks and local stations will also be provided with other transmission systems, to improve reception.
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How to easily get DAB in your old car
27.10.2014 - Norway - Norway
There are many different solutions for retrofit DAB + solutions. You can get very simple solutions that simply plugs into the cigarette lighter (12V output). In addition, you must pull the antenna up the windshield. If you want a more integrated and advanced solution will require more fitting.
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Tender for DAB + networks launched in East and North Netherlands
25.10.2014 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The Foundation ROOS, the umbrella organisation of regional public broadcasters in the Netherlands, has launched the procurement of two regional DAB+ networks in the eastern and northern Netherlands.
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Report Lays Out State of German Autos for DAB+
25.10.2014 - Germany - Germany
MeinungsBarometer has published the first Digital Radio DAB+ Auto Report for Germany. This comprehensive industry survey comes three years after the country's DAB+ launch and includes data on relevant cars available on the German market, broken down by manufacturer to include report on the level of equipment with DAB+ receivers on customer interest, sales success and forecasts.
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Kiss to be removed from local DAB in most of Devon
24.10.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
A duplicated version of Kiss on DAB digital radio in Exeter, Torbay and North Devon is to be removed following a request to Ofcom.
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