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ABU teams up with NBTC-Thailand on Digital Radio Broadcasting capacity building
WorldDAB Members News - 09.12.2016 - National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand - Thailand - Thailand
Over one hundred participants took part in the capacity building session in Pattaya on 2 December 2016. They were mainly from government agencies, radio broadcasters, consumer organisations, media associations and other stakeholders from the Digital Radio broadcast technologies sector.
From ABU:

Second national DAB+ multiplex approved in Germany
09.12.2016 - Germany - Germany
The allocation of frequencies for the 2nd national DAB+ multiplex has been approved by the Presidents of the German Laender. The tender process will launch next week, and be completed by April 2017. This means new private DAB+ services could be on air by mid 2017.
From Radiowoche:

Ofcom urged to licence 3rd Manchester multiplex
09.12.2016 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Local DAB operator MuxCo is calling on Ofcom to advertise a second city-wide multiplex in Manchester, in addition to current Bauer mux and the small-scale DAB service already operating. Gregory Watson, Managing Director of MuxCo, says: “Manchester is a thriving media market and its current multiplex is full. It is inequitable that whilst London has three local multiplexes offering a fantastic array of stations, Manchester has just the one city-wide multiplex. We already have enough interested operators to comfortably make a second Manchester multiplex viable”.
From Radio Today:

Asian FX to launch in London on DAB+
09.12.2016 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Popular youth Asian radio station is being revived for a permanent slot on the new DAB+ platform. Previously, Asian FX has been available on standard DAB platforms in various parts of the UK. It is expected to keep a similar sound when it is added on DAB+ next week and will be the only Asian radio station available in stereo format in London.
From BizAsia:

Local DAB roll-out completes in Kent
09.12.2016 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
A special event has been held to mark the completion of local DAB digital radio roll-out in Kent, a process that has doubled the number of listeners able to receive their local stations on DAB. Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe and Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee was on hand at the event at Sandgate Primary School in Folkestone to press Digital Radio UK's green button to officially turn on the last of nine new transmitters designed to boost reception and coverage of local digital radio in the county.
From a516digital:

Manchester radio revolution as digital stations double
09.12.2016 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Manchester’s thriving digital radio scene was celebrated at a special event attended by the city’s leading figures from BBC, commercial and community radio, which took place in central Manchester on the evening on Thursday 8 December. The driving force behind the expansion in Manchester has been the success of the Manchester Ofcom small-scale DAB multiplex, operated by Niocast Digital.
From Digital Radio UK:

08.12.2016 - Norway - Norway
From January 11 2017 all NRK radio channels will be broadcast on DAB+. With DAB+ there is room for more channels and it is the standard European broadcasters and manufacturers have agreed to use.
From NRK:

Communiqué de l’ Alliance pour la RNT Radio Numérique Terrestre, Sélection du CSA sur Lille, Lyon et Strasbourg : la dynamique éditoriale et industrielle est enclenchée
07.12.2016 - France - France
L’Alliance pour la RNT se félicite de la sélection par le Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel de 96 radios sur les zones Lille, Lyon et Strasbourg, complétant ainsi les 3 agglomérations déjà couvertes : Paris, Marseille et Nice.
From WorldDAB:

The future of digital radio; inside WorldDAB General Assembly 2016
WorldDAB Members News - 07.12.2016 - Connects2 - Austria - Austria
In Austria this November, WorldDAB, made the first steps into that future with a General Assembly which saw over 200 radio experts unite in discussion. A wide array of topics were presented including the continued growth in established markets, updates on emerging markets, new business opportunities, radio receivers, consumer marketing and, especially interesting to us, the ongoing dialogue between DAB and the automotive industry.
From Connects2:

Third podcast from WorldDAB General Assembly released
07.12.2016 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
“DAB and Creating New Content” discusses the use of DAB to reach new audiences, the challenge of trying something new and the importance of quality content.Moderator for the panel was Sam Bonham. Panelists included Ash Elford from Angel Radio, Christo Grozev from Radio NewCo and Paul Sylvester from Absolute Radio.
From Radio World:

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