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On 14 May 2008 FonTV, Africa’s first mobile phone enabled television content service, was launched via DMB. The network is operated by Black Star TV in collaboration with OneTouch and VDL. This launch followed on from a successful trial that ran in Accra during 2007.

FonTV is a subscription based service costing around 2Euros a month. Black Star TV currently operates three mobile TV services, including the BBC World News and ultimately hopes to provide up to six TV channels and four digital radio services. While coverage is currently limited to the areas around Accra and Kumasi, the operator has plans to roll out FonTV across the country.

It is not clear if these services are still on air.

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At the moment coverage is limited to the two cities of Accra and Kumasi, but this will be extended in due course.

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In this country there is

on air.

In this country there is 1 regular local multiplex on air. There are three video services on air: Two local TV channels called FonTV 1 and FonTV 2, and BBC World News.

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DMB programmes 3 0 3
Ghana Is Now Home for Digital Mobile TV
28.05.2008 - Ghana - Ghana
Although Ghana is the first to embrace the T-DMB technology, countries like Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa also have access to Mobile TV, ...
From PC World:

VDL and SMCNS open up a new frontier in Africa for the T-DMB/DAB
WorldDAB Members News - 19.05.2008 - VDL - Ghana - Ghana
With its Ghana project, VDL, together with its strategic partner SMCNS, opens up a new frontier in Africa for the T-DMB/DAB family of standards

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Services: 3 DMB
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