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On 29th March 2018, the National Council announced the results of the competition for digital radio broadcasting in Kyiv. 10 radio stations are to broadcast in DAB format, with three of those being dedicated to public broadcasting. More information

On December 21st 2017 the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine announced a DAB+ digital radio tender in Kiev. It will be a pilot project on digital radio switch-off during 2018-2025. The licence on broadcasting to be issued for 7 years. More information

“An experiment with the introduction of digital radio in Kyiv is the regulator’s response to the active development of the radio industry and, at the same time, the catastrophic lack of the radio frequency resource used for analogue broadcasting. We have no other way than to give a chance to new technologies, - ” explained the concept of DAB+ introduction in Ukraine Council Member Serhii Kostynskyi.

Following a meeting on Dec. 22, the Ukraine National Council has announced that it plans to make spectrum available for DAB+ on its 174–230 MHz radio frequency band.

The National Council for Radio & Television Broadcasting in Ukraine put forward a proposal on 22 December 2016 to allocate spectrum for deployment of DAB+.

Applications for Ukraine DAB tender to open 17 May
19.04.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
There are 4 places in the multiplex of digital radio stations in Kyiv. Applications for participation in the tender will be accepted from May 17 to June 15.
From Detector Media:

The National Council announces a new tender for digital radio in Kiev
05.04.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
The tender will feature 4 free spaces in digital multiplex, which will work on two transmitters of the RRT Concern in Kyiv. In total, 14 radio stations can be called in the multiplex.
From Detector.Media:

Ukraine will build 10-channel DAB multiplex for Kyiv
02.04.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
10 radio stations in Kyiv are to broadcast in DAB, with three of those being dedicated to public broadcasting. Eight companies were granted the right to broadcast in digital, with licences awarded for seven years.
From Radio magazine:

WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon hails launch of DAB in Ukraine
29.03.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon on Ukraine launching DAB+ services: "Now, for digital radio, this is a very important day. It is a very important day for you in Ukraine: with Ukraine launching DAB+ you’re joining, really, a family of countries that have DAB+ services. We’re now, really, established as the core platform for the future of radio in Europe."

10 radio stations will broadcast in digital format in Kyiv
29.03.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
Ukraine's National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting (NRADA) has announced that 10 stations have been selected to broadcast in DAB format following a competition launched last year. The digital broadcasting licenses have been granted to broadcasters for the period of 7 years.

Renault Zoe became the "Best Electric Vehicle of the Year" in three ratings
03.02.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
In the top equipment, the car receives 16-inch alloy wheels, leather-covered steering wheel and seats, automatic lighting and wipers, a 7-inch infotainment touchscreen with Bluetooth, satellite navigation, heated seats, rear parking camera, and DAB radio and more.
From Ecotechnica Ukraine:

Ukraine to Begin Testing DAB+
12.01.2018 - Ukraine - Ukraine
The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine has announced a DAB digital radio pilot project in 2018 and 2019 with the broadcasting license to be issued for seven years.
From Radio World:

The National Council announced the tender of radio stations claiming digital broadcasting in Kiev
23.12.2017 - Ukraine - Ukraine
At the last meeting, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting approved the competitive conditions and decided to announce a tender of radio stations for 14 places in the digital standard T-DAB in Kiev. The operator of the multichannel radio network will be the Concern RRT, the capacity of the multiplex is 14 radio channels.
From Media Nanny:

Ukraine to introduce DAB+ tender from 2018
21.12.2017 - Ukraine - Ukraine
After announcing a competition for digital broadcasting in Kiev, the National Council has made the first step towards the introduction of a new technology for the spread of radio signals in Ukraine. This was stated during the briefing of the National Council on December 21. In order to implement the digital radio implementation project in Kiev, digital transmitters will be installed at the facilities of the Concern RRT for two years. At the first stage - in January-June 2018 in Kiev will be installed two transmitters with a capacity of 2 and 1 kW, and in the second half of next year, the broadcast of the first radio stations will be launched. A year later it is planned to install a transmitter in Brovary, which will significantly improve the coverage of the left-bank signal in Ukraine.

Ukraine's National Council will announce the T-DAB Digital Broadcasting Contest in Kyiv
21.12.2017 - Ukraine - Ukraine
Members of the National Council noted that this project is experimental. Previously, considerable work was done on UCRF, Concern RRT, which will be the operator of a multichannel network, representatives of the industry. The chairman of the National Council Yuriy Artemenko said that the letter to Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDAB, the global sectoral organization, was sent to the regulator, in which he expressed support for this initiative. "We are happy with the news that Ukraine is launching the introduction of digital broadcasting in the DAB+ standard in Kyiv. The competition, announced today, is an important first step towards ensuring future broadcasting in Ukraine, while the DAB+ standard will bring significant benefits to broadcasters and listeners".

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