For broadcasters and government it is vital when undertaking the transition to a digital radio platform that the chosen standard is both robust and mature enough to enable a smooth and cost effective rollout while providing both consumers and broadcasters with incentives to switch to digital. The DAB family of standards provide just that.

The DAB family of standards offer the following benefits:

  • For Governments and Regulators
    • Even better spectrum efficiency
    • Ability to provide additional services and choice for citizens 
    • Provide traffic and travel information to provide an improved safety road network for citizens
  • For Broadcasters
    • Building brands
    • Long term transmission and network savings 
    • New revenue opportunities
    • Secure valuable spectrum for radio broadcasters
    • Future proof radio in a digital world
    • More for your listeners
    • Lower costs per station
    • Content opportunities 
  • For Consumers
    • A wider choice of stations
    • Improved audio quality
    • Easy tuning
    • Improved traffic and travel information
    • Interactive visual radio 

Click here to download a PDF for more detailed technical information on DAB+, the functionalities offered by it and performance of DAB+ in field trials. Click here to watch a short presentation which provides a comprehensive overview of the standard.


Additional Benefits of DMB

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) is a video and multimedia technology based on DAB / DAB+.It offers a wide range of new innovative services such as mobile TV, traffic and safety information, interactive programmes, data information and many other applications.  DMB is currently the world's most successful mobile TV standard with over 60 million DMB enabled devices having been sold. 

The benefits of DMB

  • DMB is a broadcast technology and not a streaming technology meaning congestion is eliminated in the case of many simultaneous viewers (seen i.e. during the Olympics and FIFA World Cup)
  • DMB requires less power (battery usage) than streamed services
  • DMB requires less spectrum commitment than other mobile TV standards, which typically use 6-8 MHz blocks
  • Multimedia content to be delivered without the risk of network congestion
  • DMB also enables reception while moving at high speeds.(>300km/h)
  • Existing DAB transmitter networks can be to be adapted to carry these new services
  • Both DMB and DAB services to be accessed on the same receiver
  • DMB is an open International Standard
  • A wide range of TV and interactive services to be broadcast simultaneously on the same multiplex:
    • video services
    • DAB and DAB+ radio services
    • file downloading (podcasting)
    • electronic programme guide
    • slide show
    • broadcast website (BIFS)

 For more information on rollout of DMB contact IDAG. 



Economic Advantages of DAB+

The cost of delivering a station in Bavaria on DAB+ compared to FM.

WorldDAB Receiver Profiles

The WorldDAB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles are designed to help create a vibrant digital radio market across Europe and the world by defining minimum functionality for different classes of digital radio receivers that use the DAB system.

Digital Radio Receivers

Find out about the hundreds of DAB/ DAB+ devices on the market with prices starting as low as 20 Euro (25 USD) consumers have plenty of choice when choosing what receiver to listen to their favourite digital radio stations on, whether at home, on the move or in-car.

Country Information

Find out where the DAB/DAB+ is on air and detailed information on market status, services on air, network coverage and maps, regulation, national marketing initiatives, digital radio in-car, receiver penetration and emergency broadcasting scenarios.

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