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The DAB family of the standards are the digital radio standards of choice for Europe and across much of the Asia Pacific Region.

Strong branding ensures the fast take up of the technology, below is information on the industry logos used in the promoting the technology as well as the country specific branding for different markets.

DAB/DAB+ patent information 


DAB logo: The DAB logo is managed by Philips, which licenses intellectual property relating to the DAB digital radio standard on behalf of the DAB patent pool. Use of the logo on DAB and DAB+ receivers is only allowed for receivers which are licensed by Philips for the DAB patent pool. Use of the logo on general promotional material for DAB and DAB+ is permitted, provided it does not feature or refer to any product which is not licensed by Philips.

DAB+ logo: DAB+, an upgraded version of DAB, is currently on-air and the number of products available in the market is growing. Australia the largest market where DAB+ is on-air has a strong country specific logo (see below). Use of the DAB+ logo is licensed by Philips under the same terms as the DAB logo (see above).


National Rollout Body logos


DAB Digital Radio Trademarks, United Kingdom: In the UK the 'digital radio' logo is used by the industry on products, packaging, consumer literature and point of sale (POS). This is a trademarked logo available with a free licence and is already used by major DAB digital radio manufacturing brands and consumer electronics retailers. © DigitalRadioUK.
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'If you love radio, go digital’

Digital Radio Plus, Australia: A distinctive audio and visual logo has been designed for use in promoting the DAB+ standard in Australia. This brand is based around the 'Plus' (+) device and acts as a constant mnemonic in all visual media (TV, Print, POS, Online) and an audio mnemonic which will identify the brand on Radio, TV and online. The strap line 'Its Radio as you know it - Plus' aims to reassure listeners that digital radio offers all the known and loved features of radio, plus more choice, and more funtionality. Used in both industry and third party communications such as retailer and radio ads and point of sale etc. For further information on the terms and  condistions (should be conditions) of use of this brand please go to the Digital Radio Plus website.

MiniTV, Norway: In May 2009 a mobile TV project was launched in Norway using DMB the compatible DAB video standard. At the same time a strong marketing campaign using the 'MiniTV' brand was launched to increase market awareness. The brand MiniTV was chosen to distinguish this project from other mobile TV projects using other technology standards. The brand is used in on screen, on-air and by retailers and manufacturers. For further information on the MiniTV logo terms and conditions of use please go to the Mini TV website.


DigitalRadio, Italy: Italian digital radio stakeholders and local and national private service providers decided to invest heavily in digital radio coverage and promotion. Since the launch and continued network roll out of services the benefits of DAB+ digital radio have been communicated via the DigitalRadio brand which has already been successfully used in Switzerland and in Germany. Under a common license concept of no profit use, Italy also have adopted the logo and branding to promote and raise awareness of digital radio to consumers and spread the message that DAB+ digital radio. For more information visit

Iniative Digital Radio Deutschland

Digital Radio Germany: In Germany the 'Digitalradio (DAB+)' logo is used by the industry on products, packaging, consumer literature and point of sale (POS). This is a trademarked logo available with a free licence and is used by major DAB digital radio manufacturing brands and consumer electronics retailers. For further information about the logo visit, or contact


Digitalradio Norge AS, Norway: Digitalradio Norge is working for the transition from analogue to digital radio in Norway. Behind this organisation are both public and commercial broadcasters. In the process moving from analogue to digital, Digitalradio Norge AS will also be an information partner for all parties involved, making sure everyone takes the maximum benefit from the upcoming shift in technology. 


WorldDAB: This is the official logo of WorldDAB, which our members can use for promotional material. To receive a high-res file of the logo, please email
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Find out where the DAB/DAB+ is on air and detailed information on market status, services on air, network coverage and maps, regulation, national marketing initiatives, digital radio in-car, receiver penetration and emergency broadcasting scenarios.

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