Demonstrations & Trials

WorldDAB provides support to those switching to the DAB family of standards through providing information on all aspects of DAB+ rollout including.

  • regulation
  • licensing
  • technical trials
  • network build out
  • marketing
  • production of new digital radio content

How to Set Up a DAB+ Digital Radio Trial

Click here to download a factsheet giving information on:

  • contacting government 
  • obtaining a trial license 
  • sourcing trial equipment 
  • working with consumers and receiver manufacturers
  • how to gain stakeholder input

WorldDAB has recently held DAB+ demonstrations and trial workshops in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. For more information and to download the recommendations coming out of these workshops click on the links below:  

Click here to watch a short presentation which provides a comprehensive overview of the standard.

Economic Advantages of DAB+

The cost of delivering a station in Bavaria on DAB+ compared to FM.

Eureka! Online Magazine -Digital Radio Rollout

Read the latest feature articles on digital radio roll out from established and new digital radio markets. Find out more detailed information on country networks, consumer marketing, cost savings and business cases.

Country Information

Find out where the DAB/DAB+ is on air and detailed information on market status, services on air, network coverage and maps, regulation, national marketing initiatives, digital radio in-car, receiver penetration and emergency broadcasting scenarios.

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