EBU Factsheets

EBU Tech provides guidance on issues related to the deployment of digital radio.

The pressure on spectrum in the UHF band, where DTT is mainly implemented, has given rise to the idea that Band III could be used for DTT instead. This guide tells you why this is NOT the case and how you can contribute to the discussions. Read more here

Over the last few years, Digital Radio has increasingly been adopted, with the DAB system being the most widespread standard. Many countries, especially in Europe, are extending and updating their existing DAB networks to enhance their radio offerings, to meet the higher quality expectations of listeners and to reduce energy consumption. This guide provides a quick overview of the main parameters to be considered for DAB network planning in VHF Band III. Read more here.

The topics covered in this report pertain to DAB coverage measurement. The reasons why such measurements may be necessary are discussed in depth, along with the technical prerequisites required before these measurements are made. Various use cases for measuring DAB network coverage are presented; for each use case the techniques, measuring parameters and requirements are described. Further, the requirements for the measuring equipment and its operation are discussed. Read more here.