Chip Manufacturers

DAB/ DAB+ radios come in all shapes and sizes these days, from car stereos through to tiny pocket radios powered by a couple of AAA batteries.

This has been achieved through technological advances in silicon solutions and chip cabapilities. Silicon chip manufacturers have invested heavily in the creation of cheaper, smaller and more energy efficient chips. This has had a positive knock on effect on receiver types, size, design and capabilities, which in turn greatly increases the variety of ways in which broadcasters are able to provide additional services to listeners. 

Visit the following silicon solution manufacturer websites to find out about the different models, prices and styles available:

Frontier Smart Technologies
Glovane Co., Ltd
Keystone Semiconductor Corp
NXP Semiconductors
Silicon Labs
Texas Instruments
ETI Files - Member benefit

Members have access to a Library database of transmission simulation data which will aid testing of DAB / DAB+ digital radios.

Digital Radio Receivers

Find out about the hundreds of DAB/ DAB+ devices on the market with prices starting as low as 20 Euro (25 USD) consumers have plenty of choice when choosing what receiver to listen to their favourite digital radio stations on, whether at home, on the move or in-car.

Country Information

Find out where the DAB/DAB+ is on air and detailed information on market status, services on air, network coverage and maps, regulation, national marketing initiatives, digital radio in-car, receiver penetration and emergency broadcasting scenarios.

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