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DAB still the most popular platform as digital radio listening reaches new heights
WorldDAB Members News - 07.02.2019 - Digital Radio UK - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Digital listening has reached a new record share of 52.6%, up from 49.9% in Q4 2017, according to RAJAR Q4 2018 data released today. DAB remains the most popular digital platform, accounting for a record share of 38.3% of all radio listening or 72.7% of all digital listening. 65% of the population now own a DAB radio at home compared to 62.3% in the same quarter last year.
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Ofcom paving the way for more DAB+ stations
04.02.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Ofcom has published a consultation proposing changes to the technical rules that DAB broadcasters need to follow, including a proposal to remove the 30% limit on DAB+ stations on the SDL multiplex. At the moment, the multiplex must have at least 70% of its services in original standard DAB.
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How to handle DAB+ projects in complex and critical environments
23.01.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
As an increasing number of European countries continue to recognise DAB+ as the single future platform for radio, this articles examines the basic principles for the transmission of DAB+ under ideal conditions, taking a closer look at different systems and procedures that have been put in place across different geographical locations including central Europe, Scandinavia and the UK.
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EU digital radio rules in spotlight at Brussels Motor Show
WorldDAB Members News - 18.01.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - AUDI AG - Belgium - Belgium - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Policy makers, broadcasters and car makers are gathered at the Brussels Motor Show on Friday 18 January to raise awareness of new EU rules requiring all new car radios to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio within two years. The European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) entered into force on 20 December 2018, and EU Member States have two years from this date to transpose the code into national legislation.
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WorldDAB releases EECC factsheet as part of Brussels Motor Show press event
18.01.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
WorldDAB has published a factsheet aiming to inform the public of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC). The directive, which entered into force on 20 December 2018,states that “any car radio receiver integrated in a new vehicle available for sale or rent in the EU will be required to include a receiver capable of receiving and reproducing radio services provided via digital terrestrial radio broadcasting” within two years. The factsheet has been released as part of the press event held by WorldDAB, Digital Radio Vlaanderen and maRadio.be on Friday 18 January.
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Live radio still driving car audio shows latest EBU study
WorldDAB Members News - 17.01.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
According to a recent study commissioned by the EBU, live broadcast radio continues to be by far the most popular source for entertainment and information on the road. According to the study, one third of drivers have adopted digital radio, and with DAB+ digital radio now being included as standard on almost all cars sold in the UK, this shows that awareness of digital radio in cars is rising.
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In-Car Digital Radio Leads the Way on Hybrid Development
17.01.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
In the last 12 months DAB+ has made significant progress - both in and out of the car. In this article, WorldDAB Automotive Working Group chair Laurence Harrison takes a closer look at some of the highlights of DAB+ development over the past year, and what we can expect to see from in-car infotainment systems in the near future.
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Radioplayer's Michael Hill on Reference Radio and the future of radio in the car
02.01.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Presented by Michael Hill at the WorldDAB General Assembly 2018, the Reference Radio is a smart multiplatform radio that combines good design and great data in the dashboard, and is able to play DAB digital radio, FM and internet radio streams.
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Virgin Radio launches two DAB+ stations in the UK
02.01.2019 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The two new channels, Virgin Radio Anthems and Virgin Radio Chilled, will be available on DAB+ on 21 January 2019.
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A look back at 2018 by Digital Radio UK
20.12.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
2018 marked the first year in which the majority of radio listening was digital, while for 2019 we can expect the growth of digital stations, the rise of digital listening, the digitisation of the car and the launch of hundreds of new local stations on small-scale DAB.
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