EBU's Digital Radio Week helps foster digital radio innovation
19.03.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
At this year's EBU Digital Radio Summit, Laurence Harrison talked delegates through the updated guidelines for in-car user experience from WorldDAB as well as highlighting what automotive manufacturers need from broadcasters, while ABC's Jeremy Millar touched on how DAB+ listening is growing faster than internet listening, and providing a vital boost to overall listening figures.
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Two thirds of Swiss people listen to radio digitally
11.03.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
According to the latest figures published by Ofcom,almost two thirds (64%) of all radio listening in Switzerland takes place on digital platforms (DAB+ or internet). Digital radio listening, which has increased by 15 percent over the last three years, accounts for 33 percent of all radio listening in the country.
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Number of DAB+ receivers in Switzerland steadily rising
WorldDAB Members News - 06.03.2019 - OFCOM Switzerland - Switzerland - Switzerland
In 2018, 286,200 DAB+ receivers were sold in Switzerland, with another 300,000 in-car DAB+ receivers sold.According to GfK's report, over 4 million DAB+ receivers have been sold since the year 2000.
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Digital Radio Summit 2019 overview
WorldDAB Members News - 19.02.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
The sessions at the EBU's Digital Radio Summit included a keynote session on the latest developments since the digital switch over in Norway, a number of sessions on the growth of DAB+ in established markets such as Australia and developing markets such as Serbia, as well as two panel discussions on radio in the connected car and the growing popularity of podcasts.
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Over four million DAB+ receivers sold in Switzerland
15.02.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
According to the latest stats released by GfK, 4.2 million DAB+ receivers have been sold in Switzerland in the period leading up to 2018. In 2018, over 280.000 DAB+ receivers were sold, while over 300.000 cars sold Switzerland last year included DAB+.
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European Broadcasting Union publishes 2019 Digital Radio report
WorldDAB Members News - 12.02.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
This is the fourth edition of the yearly report that the Media Intelligence Service of the EBU publishes to support the efforts of the EBU, its members and part of the radio industry to transition from analogue to terrestrial to digital terrestrial radio.
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Switzerland to announce digital switch-off date in August
06.02.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
According to Philippe Zahno, President of the Radios Régionales Romandes - the main association representing private radios in the French-speaking region of Switzerland - the switch-off date will be announced as part of the SwissRadio Day event taking place in Zurich on 29 August.
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DAB+ radio sales to boom in 2019
11.01.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
According to a survey conducted by PCtipp in 2018, sales of DAB+ radios in Switzerland are expected to boom throughout 2019. This marks the first time DAB+ radios are featured within the top four devices desired by consumers in Switzerland, alongside laptops, smartphones and TVs.
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37 new DAB + transmitters for Switzerland in 2018
04.01.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
In 2018, Switzerland's SwissMediaCast continued to make significant investments in the expansion of DAB+ terrestrial digital broadcasting with the launch of 37 new transmitters across the country as it prepares for a digital switchover. With the construction of the SMC D-CH 02 radio multiplex now complete, SwissMediaCast is turning its focus to the SMC D-CH 03 multiplex which is expected to be completed this year.
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Positive year for SwissMediaCast with DAB+ expansion set to continue into 2019
19.12.2018 - Switzerland - Switzerland
37 new transmitters were put into operation for the DCH 02 and DCH 03 ensembles as part of the 2018 expansion phase, with the former being largely completed, and the latter set to be completed in 2019.
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