Swiss drivers urged to get on board with DAB+
12.08.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
As radio in Switzerland continues its journey toward digitisation, Swiss drivers whose cars do not include DAB+ radio - an estimated 3.5 million cars - have been urged to make their vehicles future-proof by adding DAB+ receivers or adaptors to their cars. Currently, approximately 91 percent of new cars released in Switzerland are factory-fitted with DAB+.
From Presseportal Schweiz:

Digital switchover in sight for Switzerland
15.07.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Analogue transmitters in Switzerland may be deactivated as early as 2022, as the country is set to become the second country in Europe, after Norway, to switch off the FM in favour of DAB+ radio.
From Swiss Info:

Additional licence for DAB+ in French-speaking Switzerland awarded to DABCOM AG
14.05.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
DABCOM AG will construct and operate a DAB+ platform in French-speaking Switzerland with a diverse offering of commercial and alternative programming. Switzerland, which already has over 100 radio stations available in DAB+, is planning to switch off FM broadcasting by 2024 at the latest.
From ComCom:

Terrestrial is the backbone of digital distribution for radio
WorldDAB Members News - 06.05.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
Digital terrestrial radio (mostly DAB+) is gaining ground, with more than 1,500 services in operation across 32 markets in the EBU area.
From Radio World:

Scholz & Friends Zurich wins DAB+ pitch for Switzerland
WorldDAB Members News - 03.05.2019 - OFCOM Switzerland - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Federal Office of Communications (Ofcom) has awarded the DAB+ marketing campaign to advertising agency Scholz & Friends Zurich. As part of the five-year agreement, the agency will manage promotional material, public relations, content creation and media planning for the migration of Switzerland's radio to DAB+.
From Werbewoche:

Swiss radio prepares for transition to DAB+
26.04.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Switzerland is set to become the second country to turn off national FM band and fully adopt DAB+ technology after Norway. As the country's radio continues its path to digitisation, the date for the switchover is set to be announced on 29 August 2019.
From La Lettre Pro:

Swiss regulator OFCOM encourages drivers to convert to DAB+
15.04.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Swiss regulator Ofcom advises that while 9 out of 10 new cars now come with DAB+ as standard, there are still 3.5m older vehicles that will need to be converted in time for the imminent switchover from FM to DAB+.
From CE Today:

Digital switchover – Norway listening back to pre-DSO levels, Switzerland DSO on the horizon
04.04.2019 - Norway - Norway - Switzerland - Switzerland
Norway opened the second day of the Radiodays Europe with a presentation titled: ‘Beyond FM – the new normal’, where Ole Jorgen Torvmark, who discussed Norway's successful transition to digital radio, was joined on stage by Arqiva’s Head of New Technology Simon Mason and Iso Reichsteiner, Project Manager of the DSO process in Switzerland.
From WorldDAB:

In-car hyrbid radio - how does it work?
02.04.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The automotive manufacturer Audi was present at Radiodays Europe in Lausanne, showcasing RadioDNS technology and how it enables drivers to switch from DAB+ to FM to internet radio in a smooth and seamless way, enabling drivers to listen to their favourite radio stations while on the go.
From La Lettre Pro:

EBU's Digital Radio Week helps foster digital radio innovation
19.03.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
At this year's EBU Digital Radio Summit, Laurence Harrison talked delegates through the updated guidelines for in-car user experience from WorldDAB as well as highlighting what automotive manufacturers need from broadcasters, while ABC's Jeremy Millar touched on how DAB+ listening is growing faster than internet listening, and providing a vital boost to overall listening figures.
From European Broadcasting Union: