SRG conveys DAB+ benefits for drivers
WorldDAB Members News - 27.09.2019 - SRG SSR - Switzerland - Switzerland
The business opportunities associated with the growth of DAB+ in cars were brought to light during the first automotive workshop organised by SRG, the Swiss broadcasting association, on 26 September. SRG's next workshop on DAB+ in the car will be taking place in Lausanne on 3 October, as Switzerland prepares for the switch off of the FM.
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DAB+ listening numbers rise in Switzerland
12.09.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
DAB + has reached a new milestone in Switzerland, with 65% of all radio listening in the spring of 2019 being digital. DAB+ listening now makes up over one third (35%) of total listening in the country.
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Switzerland on track to switch off FM radio by 2024
05.09.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The Swiss radio industry is planning to gradually phase out analogue radio broadcasting via FM by the end of 2024 at the latest, and instead using DAB+ as its main broadcasting technology. FM radio licenses expiring in December 2019 will be extended until 2024, with the possibility of shortening the duration if the radio industry so desires. According to the studies available to OFCOM at the end of June 2019, only 17 percent used FM exclusively.
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Switzerland Confirms FM Switch off Date
02.09.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Radio programs will be available via FM until the end of 2024 at the latest.

Switzerland's FM switch off is officially confirmed for no later than end 2024
29.08.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Radio programs in Switzerland will only be available via FM until the end of 2024 according to Bernard Maissen, OFCOM's deputy director, on the occasion of the Swiss Radio Day in Zurich. As at end June 2019, only 17% of listeners use FM on an exclusive basis.
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Swiss cable network operator opts for Observa Monitoring solution
21.08.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
A major Swiss cable network operator have built upon their Factum Radioscape virtualised DAB+ system with the addition of the complementary Observa Monitoring solution. The monitor and analyser software will be hosted on independent industrial PCs in a 1+1 redundancy scheme for complete network assurance.
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Swiss drivers urged to get on board with DAB+
12.08.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
As radio in Switzerland continues its journey toward digitisation, Swiss drivers whose cars do not include DAB+ radio - an estimated 3.5 million cars - have been urged to make their vehicles future-proof by adding DAB+ receivers or adaptors to their cars. Currently, approximately 91 percent of new cars released in Switzerland are factory-fitted with DAB+.
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Digital switchover in sight for Switzerland
15.07.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Analogue transmitters in Switzerland may be deactivated as early as 2022, as the country is set to become the second country in Europe, after Norway, to switch off the FM in favour of DAB+ radio.
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Additional licence for DAB+ in French-speaking Switzerland awarded to DABCOM AG
14.05.2019 - Switzerland - Switzerland
DABCOM AG will construct and operate a DAB+ platform in French-speaking Switzerland with a diverse offering of commercial and alternative programming. Switzerland, which already has over 100 radio stations available in DAB+, is planning to switch off FM broadcasting by 2024 at the latest.
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Terrestrial is the backbone of digital distribution for radio
WorldDAB Members News - 06.05.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
Digital terrestrial radio (mostly DAB+) is gaining ground, with more than 1,500 services in operation across 32 markets in the EBU area.
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