DAB+ at home and in the car
21.01.2020 - Spain - Spain
This article outlines the specifications of DAB radio, touching on the technology's various benefits for listeners and broadcasters, and Germany's recent introduction of regulation mandating DAB+ radio in cars and certain types of consumer receivers.
From El digital de Asturias:

Navarra government launches call for tenders for new regional multiplex
09.01.2020 - Spain - Spain
The regional government in Navarra, Spain, has advertised capacity for six DAB services on a future ensemble for the region, designated FU-Nav. Simultaneously, the government has advertised a total of 72 DAB licences across 12 ensembles, each of which will have local coverage.
From Pamplona Actual:

Bcast brings DAB+ to Tenerife
22.12.2019 - Spain - Spain
A new DAB+ multiplex operated by Polish broadcast operator Bcast has launched on the Spanish island of Tenerife, in the Canary islands. The multiplex was launched near the town of Adeje.
From Bcast:

Spain urged to get on board with DAB+ in light of EECC
11.12.2019 - Spain - Spain
Radio industry stakeholders in Spain are endorsing the uptake of DAB+ digital radio in Europe, and urging their government to follow in the footsteps of Italy, France and Germany, by introducing a national law in line with the EECC directive, which requires new cars across the EU to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio by the end of 2020.
From Gorka Zumeta:

Spain trailing behind rest of Europe on DAB+ front
30.09.2019 - Spain - Spain
While the radio industry in Europe continues its transition to digital, the Spanish government has yet to manifest any signs of commitment to the rollout of DAB+ in the country, prompting industry experts to raise their concern on the matter.
From Gorka Zumeta:

Spain urged to follow European counterparts and drive DAB+ growth
21.09.2019 - Spain - Spain
The digitisation of the radio industry continues to sweep over Europe, prompting digital radio enthusiasts in Spain to urge their country to follow suit. According to the digital radio report published by the EBU, the two transmitters currently active in Spain only cover 20% of the population, offering no more than one service that is not available through the FM band.
From El Confidencial:

Spanish government delays digital radio talks amidst second digital dividend uncertainty
27.02.2019 - Spain - Spain
The Spanish government's decision to postpone discussions around the implementation of digital radio in Spain has been met with frustration by DAB+ supporters including political party Coalició Compromís.
From Compromís:

Compromís to seek development of DAB+ in Spain
17.12.2018 - Spain - Spain
Jordi Navarrete, Senator of the Valencian political party Compromís, is expected to recommend the creation of a paper addressing the development of DAB+ in Spain to the Spanish Senate Industry Committee.
From 20 Minutos:

DAB+ working group on the agenda in Spain
12.12.2018 - Spain - Spain
The creation of a working group analysing the development of digital radio in Spain, brought forward by Valencian political party Compromís, is expected to be debated by the Spanish Senate Industry Committee on Monday 17 December.
From Gorka Zumeta:

All new cars to include DAB+ says EU
20.11.2018 - Spain - Spain
A new directive adopted by the EU will require car manufacturers to implement DAB+ in all new car models sold in Europe as of 2021. A two-year transition period ending in December 2020 is set to follow, at which point DAB+ radio will become a mandatory measure for all new cars sold across the EU member states.