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Digital radio trials ongoing in South Africa
30.09.2019 - South Africa - South Africa
Phase three of the South African DAB+ trial went on air on 15 March this year and will run for eight months with an extension of six months. The current MUX can accommodate 24 radio stations, of which a third of the capacity has been allocated to community-based radios stations.

ICASA plans to introduce digital radio broadcasting but keep analogue stations for time being
09.04.2019 - South Africa - South Africa
ICASA said that even though analogue medium wave (AM) frequencies are ample, the sound quality is generally poor, with higher transmission costs. ICASA said that even though FM still offers good quality sound, spectrum scarcity and high transmission costs necessitate consideration for digital sound broadcasting services
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South African regulator endorses transition to digital radio
08.04.2019 - South Africa - South Africa
ICASA has published the findings of its inquiry into the deployment of digital radio in South Africa, stating that spectrum scarcity and high transmission costs necessitate the consideration of digital radio. ICASA will develop draft regulation on implementation during the current financial year (2019/20).
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South Africa on the right path to digitisation
27.11.2018 - South Africa - South Africa
Led by Mr Ndumiso Dana, a delegation of representatives of the South African regulator ICASA, have just completed a tour visiting Germany, Norway, the UK and Australia to discuss digital sound broadcasting and the many and varied aspects of planning to launch permanent services.
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South African MP encourages small-scale digital migration
29.10.2018 - South Africa - South Africa
South Africa Deputy Minister for Communications Pinky Kekana has encouraged small radio stations, including campus radio stations, to expand into the digital platform and continue to churn out dynamic and informative content. The Deputy Minister also urged community radio stations to ensure they are ready for digital migration once the government was able to work with them.
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South African government publishes Policy Directive on digital radio
01.10.2018 - South Africa - South Africa
A huge step towards digitising radio in South Africa has been taken by the South African Department of Communications, which published a policy directive on the introduction of digital sound broadcasting in South Africa. Interested parties have been given 30 working days from the date of publication 28 September 2018, to submit written input. Closing date being 9 November 2018.
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WorldDAB: DAB+ will promote innovation and new commercial growth for broadcasters
12.07.2018 - South Africa - South Africa
WorldDAB addresses concerns of South African broadcasters on competition from streaming radio over the internet, the business model for commercial broadcasters and the availability of digital radio receivers.
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South Africa looks to DAB+ for radio’s future
WorldDAB Members News - 11.07.2018 - Commercial Radio Australia - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (SADIBA) - South Africa - South Africa
The DAB Day at Radio Days Africa covered the status of trials in South Africa and the Southern African region, along with case studies from speakers across the world on how broadcasters are using DAB+ to reach new audiences and the lessons learnt from their experiences.
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The future for DAB+ in South Africa
09.07.2018 - South Africa - South Africa
South African Deputy Minister for Communications Pinky Kekana has stressed the benefits and importance of implementing DAB+ digital radio in South Africa. Calling DAB+ “a game changer”, she added, “It provides our citizens with better quality radio, and from a government perspective, it helps us broadcast important emergency messages on all channels simultaneously."
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South African minister Pinky Kekana describes DAB+ as a game changer
04.07.2018 - South Africa - South Africa
Deputy Minister of Communications in South Africa Pinky Kekana has described the prospect of DAB+ as a "game changer" in a speech to delegates at Radio Days Africa on 3 July. The Minister said that DAB+ would provide better quality radio, enable the government to broadcast critical emergency information simultaneously, and offer consumers greater content choice.
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