DAB+ and Early Warning Functionality trials in Slovakia – results and next steps
23.10.2018 - Slovakia - Slovakia
Slovakia has been running trials using DAB for Early Warning Functionality (EWF), which were demonstrated this June. They have also carried out a consumer survey into DAB. Juraj Oravec of the Research Institute (VÚS) discusses the results of the EWF trial, the consumer research and what is next for the territory.
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Digidia and Towercom Support DAB in Slovakia
WorldDAB Members News - 01.08.2017 - DIGIDIA - Slovakia - Slovakia
DAB is going on the air in Slovakia thanks to the partnership of Digidia and Towercom. “Thanks to Digidia’s compact and flexible multiplexer Towercom is able to show all functionalities of the DAB standard with a multiplexer completely integrated in Towercom’s IP infrastructure.” said Zsolt Nagy, Towercom’s CTO.
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Towercom and DIGIDIA bring DAB on air in Slovakia
WorldDAB Members News - 21.07.2017 - DIGIDIA - Slovakia - Slovakia
"DAB is an important technology for Slovakia and Towercom is proud to provide the infrastructure and technical expertise for this prestigious project. DAB is now on air on 4 transmitter sites in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Zilina and Kosice," said Zsolt Nagy, Towercom’s CTO.

Another cloud DAB system goes on-air in Slovakia
WorldDAB Members News - 19.07.2016 - Paneda - Slovakia - Slovakia
Paneda has launched a complete DAB+ Head-End system to the system integrator AVIS in Slovakia. The system provides 6 DAB+ services in the south west region of Slovakia and partly covers the capital city Bratislava.
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Slovakia tests DAB+ in Košice
18.07.2016 - Slovakia - Slovakia
Slovakia is continuing with its DAB+ trials, announcing that it recently began testing the digital broadcasting standard on a transmitter in Košice. The first phase of this test is broadcasting four stations: Rádio Slovensko, Rádio Pyramída, Rádio FM and Rádio Junior.
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DAB\+ tests on air in Košice
07.07.2016 - Slovakia - Slovakia
Towercom, Inc. has begun test broadcasting on DAB+ via a transmitter in Košice. Zsolt Nagy, Technical Director Towercom, Inc. said "today's test transmissions of T-DAB+ are now available in the two largest towns in Slovakia and it is expected that they could be extended even this year to the to the Banská Bystrica region.”
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DAB+ expands to new areas in Slovakia
02.06.2016 - Slovakia - Slovakia
Listeners in the cities of Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice, Nitra Levice can now enjoy digital radio thanks to the continued expansion of the DAB+ in Slovakia.
From Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services :

RU issues licences for T-DAB for Towercom, Avis
02.06.2016 - Slovakia - Slovakia
Slovak regulator RU has announced that terrestrial digital radio broadcasting will extend its coverage. Radio listeners who have a receiver that supports T-DAB or T-DAB+ can hear digital radio broadcasting in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Levice and Nitra and their environs, as coverage there is gradually phased in
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RU licences for local T-DAB multiplexes to Avis
16.02.2016 - Slovakia - Slovakia
After the issue of licences for the company Towercom for a local T-DAB+ multiplex in Bratislava, the regulator has issued licences for local multiplexes in Nitra and Levice upon request by the company Avis.
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Towercom awarded licence for T-DAB+
17.12.2015 - Slovakia - Slovakia
The regulator RU issued a licence for using the frequency 12C for digital terrestrial broadcasting on the standard T-DAB+ (Terestrial-Digital Audio Broadcast) on the local multiplex in Bratislava to Slovak broadcasting operator Towercom.
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