Polish Radio host second regional digital transformation workshop in Warsaw
WorldDAB Members News - 08.04.2019 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Poland - Poland
EBU Members gathered in Polish Radio’s headquarters in Warsaw for a regional workshop on Digital Transformation on April 4th and 5th. Topics that were discussed included digitizing archives, exploring digital innovation (such as DAB+, podcasts, and live streams), restructuring their organizations to be more adept to change, and much more.
From European Broadcasting Union:

Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration in favour of deploying a warning system in DAB+
21.03.2019 - Poland - Poland
The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration supports the deployment of emergency warning systems on DAB+ digital radio. This would enable digital radio owners to be immediately informed of emergencies, even if the device is in stand-by mode.
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New stations added to DAB+ multiplex in Bielsko, Poland
25.02.2019 - Poland - Poland
The multiplex, which also covers part the Czech Republic, now includes a total of nine radio stations - Mega Radio, RDN Małopolska, RDN Nowy Sącz, DOXA Radios, Radio eM Kielce, Radio Fiat, Radio Profet, Radio VIA and OFF Radia Kraków.
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Three stations join new DAB+ multiplex in Polish city of Wrocław
WorldDAB Members News - 28.11.2018 - BCAST - Poland - Poland
Following the launch of a new DAB+ multiplex in Wrocław, three new stations have been added to enable digital radio transmissions.
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Polish broadcaster BCAST begins DAB+ testing in Warsaw
WorldDAB Members News - 06.09.2018 - BCAST - Poland - Poland
Polish broadcaster has recently obtained permission to launch an experimental broadcast of digital radio in Warsaw, with testing expected to last one year. The broadcast is conducted on channel 10A (center frequency 209.936 MHz), with two antennas expected to pick up signals from local FM and interest radio stations. BCAST expects further tests to follow in the cities of Gdańsk and Wrocław, and is interested in taking part in the National Council of Radio Broadcasting and Television's (KRRiT) tender of three national and 34 urban DAB+ multiplexes.
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A pilot of the local DAB+ multiplex in Warsaw has begun
WorldDAB Members News - 05.09.2018 - BCAST - Poland - Poland
A local pilot multiplex digital radio in DAB + technology was launched in Warsaw. Ultimately, on MUX there will be local local broadcasters, including Radio Kolor or Muzo.fm and broadcasters nationwide: Radio Maryja, Radiojazz.fm. The BCAST broadcast operator is responsible for handling the transmission.
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Three new DAB+ stations in Warsaw
WorldDAB Members News - 31.08.2018 - National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT) - Poland - Poland
A week ago the test broadcast of multiplex DAB+ digital radio began - an independent project of an alternative BCAST radio frequency operator, which after obtaining the approval of the national regulator, started a test MUX issue in Warsaw. In total, 47 new frequencies will be allocated in 34 cities, and each of the multiplexes will accommodate up to 12 stations.
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Tests of the new local DAB+ multiplex in Warsaw
28.08.2018 - Poland - Poland
In Warsaw, a local pilot multiplex of digital radio in DAB+ technology was launched. Ultimately, the MUX will include the local local broadcasters, including Radio Kolor, or Muzo.fm, and broadcasters nationwide like Radio Maryja, and also for the first time in the Internet segment like Radiojazz.fm.
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New DAB+ multiplex launched in Warsaw
24.08.2018 - Poland - Poland
Polish broadcast operator BCAST launched a new DAB+ multiplex in Warsaw on 24 August, which will include local radio stations including Radio Kolor or Muzo.fm, as well as national broadcasters, like Radio Maryja, and also for the first time internet stations such as Radiojazz.fm.
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JBL Tuner
24.07.2018 - Poland - Poland
JBL Tuner is a portable Bluetooth speaker with DAB/DAB+/FM radio with digital sound. The built-in DAB/DAB+ radio allows you to enjoy the choice of radio stations with digital sound, while the digital FM tuner provides access to traditional FM radio stations with RDS.
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