Jon Branæs from NRK comments on DAB+ listening in Norway
WorldDAB Members News - 06.07.2018 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
On average, 2.7 million Norwegians listened to at least one of NRK's radio stations during a week in June. Looking at total broadcast listening the decline has been as we expected – and this is because people need time to replace all of their FM devices, especially in cars.
From Aftenposten:

Sahaga POP 3.0 approved by Norway's Personal Injury Association
15.06.2018 - Norway - Norway
Norway's road safety authority has given its mark of approval to the Sahaga POP 3.0 DAB+ receiver, for its easy-to-use interface that minimises driver attention away from the road. The Personal Injury Association have signed an agreement with Sahaga that will ensure proceeds go to the association from from each sold receiver.
From Sahaga:

DAB+ radios: stereo in the bookshelf
WorldDAB Members News - 09.06.2018 - Pure - Norway - Norway
Featuring Hama DIR3500MCBT, Yamaha TSX-B235D, Pure Evoke C-F6, Como Audio Musica, Technics Ottava f SC-C70 and Ruark R4 mk III
From Dagens Naeringsliv:

Norway's FM shutdown - six months on
WorldDAB Members News - 06.06.2018 - Digitalradio Norge AS - Norway - Norway
Radio World speaks to Digital Radio Norway's Ole Jørgen Torvmark six months after Norway's successful digital switchover. Torvmark cites greater consumer choice across a wider coverage area, plus steady listening figures as examples of how the switchover has worked in Norway.
From Radio World:

2017: a record year for DAB receiver sales
15.05.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Australia - Australia - Belgium - Belgium - Denmark - Denmark - Norway - Norway - Netherlands - Netherlands - Switzerland - Switzerland - Italy - Italy - France - France - Germany - Germany
Almost 12 million DAB receivers were sold in 2017 in Europe and Asia Pacific, a new record for yearly sales. Almost half (5.9m) of the sales were for automotive devices, with key markets showing a significant increase in the number of cars sold with DAB fitted as standard.
From WorldDAB:

DAB+ stations captures a third of Norwegian radio audience
07.05.2018 - Norway - Norway
Just three months after the shutdown of FM in Norway, a survey of listeners conducted by the Norwegian radio industry and Kantar Media, shows that the new digital stations have captured nearly a third of total radio listening.
From La Lettre Pro:

2018 Nissan Leaf
28.04.2018 - Norway - Norway
The top model, Tekna, is packed with most of what you need. For example, it includes leather interior, full LED light, Bose system with DAB radio, the largest infotainment system, 17 "alloy wheels and intelligent cruise control - including crash assistant and file holder.
From TV2:

GatesAir ships transmitters to Norway to support DAB transition
WorldDAB Members News - 25.04.2018 - GatesAir - Norway - Norway
GatesAir is getting ready to send its final shipments of transmitters to Norway, bringing the total of its transmitters deployed in that country to 1218 in support of Norway’s transition to DAB.
From Radio Magazine:

GatesAir ships more transmitters to Norway
WorldDAB Members News - 25.04.2018 - GatesAir - Norway - Norway - United States - United States
GatesAir is getting ready to send its final shipments of transmitters to Norway, bringing the total of its transmitters deployed to 1218 in support of Norway's transition to DAB. GatesAir says it has been involved in Norway’s DAB digital radio activity since the nation’s first tests in 1994.
From Radio World:

NRK: more than four out of five Norwegians listen to digital radio
WorldDAB Members News - 20.04.2018 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
The use of digital radio is increasing steadily, and by 2017, 86 percent hear digital radio daily. Digital radio listening includes PC / Mac, mobile radio, tablet, internet radio, DAB radio and DAB radio in car (including adapter), DAB pocket radio and digital TV receiver.
From NRK: