Norway - 1 year on and lessons learnt post DAB+
08.04.2019 - Norway - Norway
In this podcast, Radioinfo's Wayne Stamm speaks to Norsk Radio CEO Ole Jorgen Torvmark about the lessons learnt in the first year following the digital switchover.
From Radio Info:

Digital switchover – Norway listening back to pre-DSO levels, Switzerland DSO on the horizon
04.04.2019 - Norway - Norway - Switzerland - Switzerland
Norway opened the second day of the Radiodays Europe with a presentation titled: ‘Beyond FM – the new normal’, where Ole Jorgen Torvmark, who discussed Norway's successful transition to digital radio, was joined on stage by Arqiva’s Head of New Technology Simon Mason and Iso Reichsteiner, Project Manager of the DSO process in Switzerland.
From WorldDAB:

Digital radio listening in Norway on the rise reveals new WorldDAB report
02.04.2019 - Norway - Norway
WorldDAB has, as part of the Radio Days Europe conference in Lausanne, released a new report revealing how the switchover has impacted Norway’s radio listening. Amongst a number of key findings, the report indicates that total radio listening in 2019 is back to similar levels as achieved in 2016 before the digital switchover, and highlights that 86% of daily listeners now use DAB+, compared to only 55% in 2016.
From WorldDAB:

Digital radio in Norway bearing fruit a year after the switchover
WorldDAB Members News - 14.02.2019 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
Just over a year after becoming the first country to complete its digital switchover, Norway remains at the centre of attention. In this article, WorldDAB reports on the current state of the radio industry in Norway, based on the keynote session of the Digital Radio Summit held at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland.
From WorldDAB:

EECC directive points to DAB+ as the future of radio
13.02.2019 - Norway - Norway
The European Electronics Communication Code adopted by the EU at the end of 2018 mandates digital radio in cars by the end of 2020. While in theory, this directive could refer to DRM or HD Radio, it is assumed that this legislation refers to DAB+, the most commonly used form of digital radio in Europe. Many European countries are already operating DAB / DAB+ networks, although Norway is the only country to have entirely switched off its nation-wide FM network.

New survey highlights growth in radio listening in Norway
16.01.2019 - Norway - Norway
According to the figures released in the latest survey by Nielsen, the positive development in radio listening witnessed at the end of 2018 has continued into the new year, with daily coverage up by 14.2% compared to December 2018.
From Medier 24:

POP by Sahaga DAB+ radios now available across Europe
23.11.2018 - Norway - Norway
Sahaga, whose DAB+ radios are available across Europe, has announced it will continue to handle the Norwegian market following the country's digital switch over.

DAB+ radio included in new Norwegian safety campaign
19.10.2018 - Norway - Norway
A DAB+ radio is an inclusion in the new Norwegian safety campaign: "You are part of Norway's preparedness". The brochure is by Norway's Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness, and has been launched in the event of extreme weather that could cause a loss in critical infrastructure, such as power, water and mobile networks.
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DAB is more robust than FM
WorldDAB Members News - 19.10.2018 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
The transmitter network for DAB+ is more robust than the old FM network, both in terms of signal feed and power supply. NRK has a broadcast-based digital broadcasting network that offers far more opportunities to alert the population with both text and sound in all channels simultaneously. The network is available all over the country, along roads and tunnels.
From Fredriksstad Blad:

DAB is the future of Norwegian radio: Teknisk Ukeblad
18.10.2018 - Norway - Norway
“The transition to DAB has had a democratising and inclusive effect,” states Jan M. Moberg, CEO of Norwegian engineering magazine Teknisk Ukeblad (TU). In a column, Mr Moberg states that DAB and mobile networks that represent radio’s future in Norway, and that current difficulties facing the new DAB network will be rectified, at the expense of FM.
From Teknisk Ukeblad: