Norway's switchover proves challenging but necessary
WorldDAB Members News - 19.09.2018 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
8 October marked 300 days since national radio stations in Norway switched off their last FM signals, and NRK director Jo Branaes details the lessons learnt.
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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building DAB facilities in many tunnels
05.09.2018 - Norway - Norway
The Norwegian Road Administration Region has confirmed that DAB+ facilities will be built in 27 tunnels less than 500 meters, despite safety regulations stating that DAB+ is mandatory only for tunnels more than 500 meters long.
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DAB+ to be installed in 27 Norwegian tunnels
29.08.2018 - Norway - Norway
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration upgrades 27 short tunnels with DAB coverage. One of these is the Skarett tunnel. "This is a service for road users," says senior engineer Jan Øyvind Pedersen, according to the website of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
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Norwegian tunnels to be upgraded to receive DAB+
29.08.2018 - Norway - Norway
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has set up a list of 27 short tunnels in the south region to be upgraded to receive DAB+. According to safety regulations, there must be DAB in new tunnels over 500 meters long. There are also installed DAB facilities in tunnels that previously had FM equipment.
From NRK:

DAB+ in Norway: Increasing numbers of listeners in the first half of the year
WorldDAB Members News - 14.08.2018 - P4 Radio Hele Norge AS - Digitalradio Norge AS - Norway - Norway
The head of Norwegian private radio station P4 Kenneth Andresen alongside Digital Radio Norway have hailed increasing DAB+ listening figures. "If we look at the second quarter, a total of 1,149,000 Norwegians heard the program P4 daily. A year ago, so with VHF, there were only 1,011,000. Last year our listeners listened to our programs for an average of 73 minutes a day. This year, the number will rise to 79 minutes," says P4 Manager Andresen.
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The arguments for DAB+ in Norway
08.08.2018 - Norway - Norway
The DAB debate has resurfaced after comments from the Center Party. One of the of the main arguments for replacing the FM network was that it was largely old and needed a lot of maintenance. Either we spent a lot of money saving equipment from an old standard, or we move to the future in the form of DAB, which is not just a newer technology, but a whole new way to broadcast radio.

Sahaga announces new partnership to enable Benelux distribution
02.08.2018 - Norway - Norway
Norwegian radio manufacturer Sahaga will have its product range available in the Benelux region after announcing a partnership with distributor Elvidis.
From Sahaga:

Sahaga POPintro2
23.07.2018 - Norway - Norway
The most practical with POPintro2 are the five direct dial buttons on the front (preset). More than 30 DAB+ channels exist in Norway, so it's very convenient to have the most used channels on these buttons, rather than having to scroll through the entire list to switch channels.
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Sahaga POPurban
16.07.2018 - Norway - Norway
Sahaga POPurban is small and easy. Here you will get national radio on DAB (over 30 channels), and it can be used on 220v and on 4x AA batteries.
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Jon Branæs from NRK comments on DAB+ listening in Norway
WorldDAB Members News - 06.07.2018 - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - Norway - Norway
On average, 2.7 million Norwegians listened to at least one of NRK's radio stations during a week in June. Looking at total broadcast listening the decline has been as we expected – and this is because people need time to replace all of their FM devices, especially in cars.
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