Sublime digital radio channels attract new audience in the Netherlands
05.06.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
In February, soul and jazz station Sublime launched five digital radio channels in the Netherlands. Four months later, they have announced that 30% of their 400,000 weekly audience listens via Sublime's digital radio channels, indicating yet again the public's growing interest in digital radio.
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New DAB+ campaign kicks off in the Netherlands
01.06.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Digital Radio NL has launched a new advertising campaign for the promotion of DAB+ in the Netherlands. The slogan of the new campaign, which includes a TV commercial featuring famous DJs, is "DAB +, the new sound of radio".
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Dutch agree more space for regional broadcasters on DAB+
04.04.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
More room is being made for local and regional channels on the band for DAB+ digital radio in the Netherlands following an agreement reached between the government and broadcasting sector. The change of frequency layers will take place in phases and be completed by 1 September 2022 at the latest.
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NLO changes reporting methods to reflect rise of digital radio
20.03.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The Dutch National Listening Research Institute (NLO) has updated its reporting methods on radio listening habits in the Netherlands to reflect the rise of digital radio listening. In addition to listening figures for individual radio stations, the NLO now also includes figures on the channels through which radio listening takes place, such as DAB+ and online.
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Factum Radioscape and KPN Continue DAB Wave in The Netherlands
21.02.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Factum Radioscape have been chosen by Dutch telecommunications company KPN to supply and support their new DAB broadcast platform, ENMUXA. Factum Radioscape will also be supplying 2 monitoring products from their OBSERVA range - the Field Monitor, designed for mobile measurements and the Multiplex Supervisor, providing SMNP alarms and system validation.
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Over 1500 radio stations in Europe already broadcasting on DAB+
15.02.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
According to the latest figures released in the EBU's Digital Radio report, this includes 395 public stations, 1020 commercial stations and 151 non-classified stations (non-profit stations, student radios, etc.). From the 1566 stations currently broadcasting in DAB+ throughout Europe, 339 stations have a national reach, 603 regional and 624 are local stations.
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Radio Visie weekly DAB+ report
07.02.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
In this week's DAB+ report, Radio Visie focuses on the digital switch-over date due to be announced in Switzerland in August and Ofcom's plan to expand the number of stations broadcasting in DAB+ in the UK, as well as listing some of the latest in-car DAB+ adaptors to have been released on the market.
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Radio Visie launches weekly DAB+ news report
31.01.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Taking into account the high number of news and updates related to DAB+ in Europe in recent months, and the continuous development of DAB+ throughout Europe and beyond, dutch online publication Radio Visie has launched a weekly DAB+ news report to bring all DAB+ related news to its audience in a bundled form.
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Radio Network Netherlands starts tests on DAB+
22.01.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Operator Radio Network Netherlands has started a non-commercial DAB+ experiment, the aim of which is to experiment as an operator with a DAB+ network in layer 6 for non-national commercial broadcasters.The operator wants to see how portable indoor coverage can be improved at several low installation points with low power, test different equipment and look at the costs of such a DAB network.
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Broadcasters and politicians welcome DAB+ requirement in cars
18.01.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Politicians and broadcasters from Belgium and beyond attended a press event held at the Brussels Motor Show in order to show their support for the newly introduced EECC directive. Attendees included Minister of Culture, Youth and Media Sven Gatz and Jos de Groot, Director Digital Economy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.