DAB+ gaining ground across Europe
06.12.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The roll-out of DAB+ has made significant headway in Europe in recent weeks, between the EU's approval of a new directive requiring all new cars sold in the EU to be equipped with digital terrestrial capabilities, the successful launches of DAB+ in Lyon and Strasbourg, and the expansion of the small-scale multiplex in Glasgow.
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13 percent of people in the Netherlands now own a DAB+ radio
18.11.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
According to the latest figures from the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), people in the Netherlands are increasingly interested in DAB+ radio, as about 13% of Dutch people currently own a radio with DAB + capabilities. In 2016, only 6% of Dutch people had a radio set with DAB + while this number rose to 11% in 2017.

In a few years FM will disappear completely in favour of digital
25.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
From 12 to 16 November, all Flemish national radio stations organize an action week, which must convince listeners to finally switch to a digital device. The FM broadcasts will eventually be stopped anyway. At the announcement of the switch-off, the target was 2022-2023.
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DAB radio builds trust in fake news era
25.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) is growing across Europe and is pivotal to a functioning democratic society, said European Broadcasting Union Head of Radio Graham Dixon at the WorldDAB session at IBC last month. Dixon said: “What we want is a future world in which radio is available, robust and free to air for listeners as Europe’s most trusted source of media.”
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DABbling in in-car audio
WorldDAB Members News - 23.10.2018 - Arqiva - Netherlands - Netherlands
In-car listening presents a huge opportunity for the DAB radio industry, believes Arqiva’s Simon Mason. “In the UK almost a quarter of all radio listening takes place in the car, and as radio listening in general is on the increase broadcasters need to understand the opportunities and challenges facing them when delivering to this audience,” he says.
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DAB+ enjoying consistent progress in Europe
21.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
In large parts of Europe, DAB+ is well on the way to becoming the new leading standard for radio in the long term. Throughout the European continent, more than 1,500 radio stations can now be heard digitally via the air, and that number is growing by the day.
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Greater clarity on DAB+ deployment in Netherlands due end of October
18.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
At the end of last year, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) announced that a special task force had been set up to optimise the frequency allocation for DAB+. Earlier it had already come to the fore that two scenarios had been developed for a more efficient division of the digital frequency space (DAB+).
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Dutch Task Force on DAB+ to meet at the end of October
17.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The Dutch Task Force looking at alternative frequencies for DAB+ in the Netherlands will meet again at the end of this month to discuss a proposed solution, in response to various complaints from the radio sector about the inefficient layout of different networks.
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New logo for DAB+
17.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
WorldDAB, the association that promotes digital DAB radio worldwide, has announced a new DAB+ logo for international markets.
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Dutch radio industry sees future in hybrid radio
10.10.2018 - Netherlands - Netherlands
During the 'Day of digital radio', hybrid radio was identified as the future of the industry in the Netherlands, after receiver sales was confirmed to have exceeded one million.
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