Local DAB+ stations go live in The Netherlands
01.04.2020 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Dutch spectrum regulator Agentschap Telecom has issued the first licences for local radio stations on DAB+ . The licences for the 22 allotments, which started broadcasts on 1 April, will be valid until August 2022.

DAB+ offering expands in Flanders
24.03.2020 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The DAB+ offering in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, continues to diversify with the launch of Yesterdayland Radio. The radio station, which was named after the annual retro festival Bobbejaanland, had already expressed interest in broadcasting in DAB+ in the summer of 2019.

Call for tenders launched in the Netherlands
12.03.2020 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Dutch broadcasters interested in acquiring local DAB+ licences are now able to submit their applications to dutch spectrum regulator Agentschap Telecom. Local public or commercial broadcasters can apply for a licence for a total of 22 allotments, with licenses valid until August 2022.
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Dutch regulator opens applications for local DAB+ licences
03.03.2020 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Dutch spectrum regulator Agentschap Telecom said local public or commercial broadcasters will be able to apply for local DAB+ licences starting from 10 March. Local public or commercial broadcasters can apply for a license for 22 allotments, which together cover a part of the Netherlands.
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DAB+ national commercial radio stations network improves in the Netherlands
30.12.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
National commercial radio stations have further improved their DAB+ reception in parts of the Netherlands as digital radio continues to make headway in Europe. There are currently 39 commercial radio stations available to listeners in the Netherlands on DAB+.

High interest in temporary DAB+ licences in the Netherlands
03.12.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Over 90 applications for temporary DAB+ licences have been received by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in response to the call for tenders launched in October 2019.

Error correction can help reduce high-power requirements for small-scale DAB+
28.11.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate recently published a market consultation on DAB, according to which, broadcasting with better error correction can ensure that high powers are required for local DAB+ networks, although this is only possible if the number of stations on one same multiplex is limited to approximately half.

Ziggo to switch off FM services
26.11.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Ziggo, the largest cable operator in the Netherlands, has announced it will be switching off its FM radio services. Ziggo will continue to offer radio services digitally, and is expected to do so digitally, including on DAB+, through its cable network.
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In-car DAB+ on the rise in the Netherlands
14.11.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
According to the latest data revealed by Jato Dynamics, in the first half of 2019, 96% of the top ten best selling car models in the Netherlands came with DAB+ digital radios included as standard.

Broadcast Partners organises DAB+ informative sessions in the Netherlands
13.11.2019 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Broadcast Partners will be holding various informative evening sessions for any broadcasters looking to get on board with DAB+. The sessions will take place across a number of locations in the Netherlands - namely Amersfoort, Gilze, Amsterdam and Temeuzen - between 19-26 November.
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