Seat to include DAB+ in all cars sold in Italy in 2020
14.08.2019 - Italy - Italy
Seat has announced that all of its cars released in Italy in 2020 will come equipped with DAB+ digital radio. This decision means Seat will be in line with the Italian regulation mandating DAB+ radio in all new cars released from 1 January 2020 onward.

GfK figures reflect DAB+ growth in Italy
08.08.2019 - Italy - Italy
According to the latest figures published by GFK, 4.5 million Italians own a DAB+ radio, while 12.9 million Italians claim to know what DAB+ is. 48 nationals stations are available to DAB+ listeners across the country, with 28 of these being exclusively available on DAB+ digital radio.

DAB+ marketing campaign goes live in Italy
07.08.2019 - Italy - Italy
Throughout the month of August, DAB+ digital radio advertisements will be broadcast by all national broadcasters and over 200 local broadcasters in Italy. 48 national stations are now available on DAB+ in Italy, including 28 digital-only stations.

DAB+ network coverage improves across Italy
WorldDAB Members News - 01.08.2019 - EuroDab Italia - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - DAB Italia - Italy - Italy
Italian public and private DAB+ network operators - namely Radio Rai, EuroDab Italy and DAB Italia - have expanded their respective DAB+ broadcast networks in anticipation of the law requiring all radio receivers sold to the public to digital radio capabilities.

Agcom approves DAB allocation revision scheme
04.07.2019 - Italy - Italy
The Italian Communications regulator, Agcom, has approved a revision scheme for digital radio regulations in Italy. According to the revisions, which are subject to approval, private (DAB Italia/ EuroDAB) and public (RAI) network operators will be obliged to allocate part of their transmission capacities to independent broadcasters.

BBC World Service now available on DAB+ in Italy
21.06.2019 - Italy - Italy
Following an agreement between EuroDAB Italia and the BBC, DAB+ listeners in Italy are now able to listen to BBC World Service. BBC World Service, which broadcasts documentaries, business, sports, arts and science programmes, is as of 18 June 2019 available across the country.
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Digital radio takes off in Italy
WorldDAB Members News - 21.06.2019 - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - Italy - Italy
Speaking at the WorldDAB Automotive 2019 conference held in Turin in June 2019, Radio Rai director Roberto Sergio touched on the current state of the radio industry in Italy, highlighting the ecosystem's readiness for DAB+ digital radio. 57% of the population of Italy is set to be covered by DAB+ by the end of 2019.
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WorldDAB launches Excellence in Automotive Award
20.06.2019 - Italy - Italy
WorldDAB has today announced the launch of the WorldDAB Excellence in Automotive Award. The award will recognise outstanding work carried out on the development, innovation and promotion of digital radio within the automotive industry, and honour the most significant contributions of individuals, groups or teams working towards optimising the experience of digital radio in the car. The first WorldDAB Excellence in Automotive Award will be presented at the WorldDAB Automotive conference in June 2020.
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BBC World Service launches in Italy via DAB+
WorldDAB Members News - 18.06.2019 - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - Italy - Italy - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
For the first time, DAB+ listeners in Italy can tune in to the BBC World Service in English. Thanks to an agreement with DAB+ multiplex provider Eurodab Italia, the network’s rich mix of BBC News, documentaries, business, sports, arts and science programmes are now available across the country.
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DAB+ mandatory in all new receiversin Italy from 2020
18.06.2019 - Italy - Italy
Starting from the 1 January 2020, all new radio receivers released in Italy will have to include DAB+ digital radio as standard. This applies to domestic radios as well as in-car radios. The number of DAB+ receivers in Italian homes and cars is estimated at 4.3 million.
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