All Italian national broadcasters on DAB+
19.02.2019 - Italy - Italy
Virgin Radio and Radio Monte Carlo (RMC) will now be broadcast on DAB+ by the Italian network operator EuroDAB Italia - which has been operating since 2001 and now covers approximately 80% of the Italian population - meaning all national broadcasters available on analogue radio will now be available on DAB+.
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All new cars in Europe soon to be equipped with DAB+
11.02.2019 - Italy - Italy
The European Code of Electronic Communications entered into force on 20 December 2018, meaning EU Member States have two years have to incorporate the code into their national legislation. Italy is the first country to have applied the European directive in advance - as of 1 June 2019, wholesalers, retailers and automotive brands will be required to sell receivers with at least one digital interface to receive digital broadcasts, while all domestic and automotive receivers sold after 1 January 2020 will be required to include digital audio capabilities.
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All national radios now on DAB+
05.02.2019 - Italy - Italy
Virgin Radio and Radio Monte Carlo (RMC) are now nationally broadcasted by the national DAB service provider EuroDABItalia, which covers 75% of Italian population. With the 3 national multiplexes on air - Rai Way, DAB Italia and Eurodab - all public and commercial national broadcasters are now on air in DAB+.
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DAB+ radio - the digital revolution Italy has been waiting for
30.01.2019 - Italy - Italy
This article gives a detailed overview of DAB+ in Europe, with particular focus on the development of digital radio in Italy. It highlights some of the challenges and opportunities presented by DAB+, as well as emphasising the Italian receiver law that will require all receivers sold starting from 2020 to include built-in DAB+ capabilities.
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RAI expands DAB+ coverage in Northern Italy
WorldDAB Members News - 17.01.2019 - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - Italy - Italy
Italian public broadcaster RAI continues to expand DAB+ coverage in the country, having just switched on a number of transmitters in the northern part of the country. National coverage has now risen to 49%, and is expected to reach 57% by the end of the year.

RAI accelerates digital radio growth in Italy with new transmitters
15.01.2019 - Italy - Italy
RAI switched on 8 new transmitters at the end of 2018, bringing the total number of DAB+ transmitters operated by the public broadcaster in the country to 33, with the total national coverage in Italy now standing at 49%.

South Tyrol region now entirely covered by DAB+ signal
08.01.2019 - Italy - Italy
99.6% of the population of the Northern Italian region of South Tyrol - also known as Alto Adige - is now covered with DAB+ signal following the launch of new transmitters at the end of 2018, with up to 22 radio stations available.
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New law on frequency planning secures long-term future of DAB+ in Italy
31.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
The Italian Parliament approved and published, on 27 and 31 December respectively, the Budget Law for the three year period between 2019-2021 stating that all VHF frequencies in Italy are reserved for DAB planning. The Ministry of Economic Development is working on agreements with neighbouring countries to optimise frequency allocations.
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Radio Maria distributes thousands of DAB+ radios
24.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
Already available on DAB+ in 11 countries, Radio Maria has distributed thousands of its own receivers to listeners across Europe in an effort to promote DAB+ radio.
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Unica Radio becomes first university radio in Italy to broadcast in DAB+
12.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
Cagliari's university radio is now available on DAB+ following an agreement with the DigitalRadio Group consortium, marking the first time a university radio in Italy broadcasts on DAB+.
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