Unica Radio becomes first university radio in Italy to broadcast in DAB+
12.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
Cagliari's university radio is now available on DAB+ following an agreement with the DigitalRadio Group consortium, marking the first time a university radio in Italy broadcasts on DAB+.
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Italy switches off more FM stations as South Tyrol turns to DAB+
11.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
22 FM stations are being shut down in no fewer than seven locations across South Tyrol, a region in which DAB+ has already surpassed FM, with DAB+ population coverage standing at 99.6%.
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RAS expands DAB+ network in South Tyrol
10.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
Following the expansion of the DAB+ broadcasting networks in Sulden and Pfelders, 99.6% of the Alto Adige population is served by 22 digital radio stations, while 95% of the population has access to 35 DAB+ stations.The RAS has also announced the shutdown of 22 low-power FM transmitters in the region.
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RAS expands DAB+ network in South Tyrol
05.12.2018 - Italy - Italy
The Rundfunkanstalt Südtirol further expands its DAB+ network in South Tyrol as transmitters in Sulden and Pfelders are put into operation. 35 digital radio programs are now available to 95 percent of the South Tyrol population, as the RAS continues to switch off FM transmitters and expand its digital network.
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In-car radio the focus of conference in Rome
WorldDAB Members News - 14.11.2018 - Jaguar Land Rover Limited - General Motors LLC - AUDI AG - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - Italy - Italy
Representatives from the major automotive brands will gather in Rome on 15 November for a conference to determine the future integration of DAB+ digital radio in the car. Hosted by Italian broadcaster Rai, the day will be the first time that a day has been dedicated to discussing the future of car radio.
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RAI organises digital radio conference
30.10.2018 - Italy - Italy
A digital radio conference has been organised by Italian broadcaster RAI on 15 November in Rome. Entitled "Once upon a time the car radio", the conference is dedicated to the appeal of mobility of in-car digital listening, and will feature a roundtable discussion with car manufacturers, as well as another discussion held between content operators.
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PRAIS announces cooperation with BCAST
WorldDAB Members News - 29.10.2018 - PRAIS S.r.l. - BCAST - Italy - Italy
In October 2018, the Italian service provider PRAIS announced cooperation with its Polish counterpart BCAST. The purpose of the cooperation is to provide to Italian broadcasters a possibility to create high quality DAB+ services at lower cost. The effectiveness of cooperation was confirmed during the launch of the first two multiplexes of DAB+ radio in Sardinia

New automotive digital receiver regulations published in Italy
WorldDAB Members News - 17.10.2018 - DAB Italia - EuroDab Italia - RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - Italy - Italy
New technical guidelines have been announced in Italy to define minimum acceptable audio quality for drivers. The new regulations will take effect from 1 June next year, with further regulations requiring all new cars to be line-fit with DAB+ receivers by 1 January 2020.
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New DAB+ receiver launched in South Tyrol
12.10.2018 - Italy - Italy
In the southern Tyrolean village of Pfelders (Plan) in northern Italy, a new DAB+ digital radio transceiver has been launched, broadcasting more German-speaking programmes across the region.
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EuroDAB Italia selects Paneda for DAB multiplexing system
WorldDAB Members News - 04.10.2018 - Paneda - EuroDab Italia - Italy - Italy
The new system contains a complete system with multiplexers, audio encoder and is installed as fully redundant. The system is provided as virtual machines installed in two separated network locations and uses VMware technology and also contains the Paneda SMART content redundancy switching.
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