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Broadcasters’ disappointment on cessation of DAB+ in Hong Kong
06.04.2017 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Albert Cheng of Hong Kong's Digital Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) expresses his disappointment with the short-sighted approach to digital radio at a time when the rest of the world is moving forward, and broadcast digital radio is advancing in other parts of the world. This development underlines the importance of incumbent broadcasters, existing commercial and government broadcasters working together for a successful launch of digital radio. However, cessation of DAB+ now does not preclude a relaunch by incumbent broadcasters further down the track.
From South China Morning Post:

Public service broadcasting in China and Hong Kong #RadioAsia
02.05.2016 - China - China - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
In a Radio Asia conference session about public service broadcasting, a range of speakers discussed the challenges and importance of public sector broadcasting. RTHK Hong Kong, has been developing digital broadcasting on DAB since 2011, and has a mobile app and online services.
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Meet Frontier Silicon at HKEF
WorldDAB Members News - 16.03.2016 - Frontier Smart Technologies - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Experience our latest connected audio platforms and next generation advanced DAB/DAB+ solutions.
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Hong Kong DAB licensees get EPG grace
27.09.2014 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Hong Kong's Communications Authority (CA) has given three DAB licensees an additional three and a half years to provide an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for their digital radio services. The original date of September 2012 was extended to September this year.
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Phoenix gets more time to launch third DAB channel
26.09.2014 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s media regulator has extended the deadline for Phoenix U Radio to launch its third DAB channel. The Communications Authority has set a new date of September 19 2015, the second time the launch has been deferred.
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Frontier Silicon to showcase DAB/DAB+ radio solutions at HKEF
24.09.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Frontier Silicon, the market leader in DAB/DAB+ radio and connected audio solutions technology will be showcasing their latest technologies at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The Frontier Silicon invite visitors to their demonstration room which will allow visitors to experience the next generation advanced DAB/DAB+ solutions.
From Frontier Silicon:

Digital Radio an important topic at the RadioAsia 2014 conference
29.05.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - India - India - Hong Kong - Hong Kong - Malaysia - Malaysia
Digital radio broadcasting has become an important topic in at least four Asian countries. In Hong Kong, DAB+ has been on-air for some time, with 15 stations already available; in Malaysia, trials have started; and in Thailand and Indonesia, tests of the technology are slated for this year.
From Radio magazine :

RadioAsia2014: Successes and challenges for Asian radio
24.05.2014 - India - India - Malaysia - Malaysia - Hong Kong - Hong Kong - Thailand - Thailand - Bangladesh - Bangladesh
Saturday’s final session at RadioAsia 2014 saw eight panelists from around the world share their expertise.
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Hong Kong station hands out free digital sets
02.05.2014 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Looking to expand its reach, Hong Kong's Digital Broadcasting Corp (DBC) is handing out free digital radio sets.
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Digital radio sends out message
29.04.2014 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
To expand the station's infiltration rate, owner Bill Wong Cho-bau is sparing no effort and is handing out digital radio sets widely. I saw Loh recently, and he said digital sets have already been installed in more than 10,000 taxis and 5,000 green and red public light buses.
From Hong Kong Standard: