5G Broadcast is not designed for radio
23.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
5G broadcast is distributed in the UHF band, where higher transmission powers or more transmitters are required than in Band III, where DAB + is broadcast.
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InfoDigital publishes report on the status of DAB+ in Germany and Europe
23.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
German news publication InfoDigital has published a long overview outlining the rollout status of DAB+ in Germany and Europe. DAB digital radio sales have reached 75 million worldwide, with over 12 million receivers sold in Germany to date.
From InfoDigital:

Political support in Bavaria facilitated successful roll-out of DAB+
23.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
The DAB + train continues throughout Europe, according to BLM CEO Siegfried Schneider. Those who do not get on board now will find themselves at an analogue dead end. Terrestrial digital radio has been established to the point of no return, and 5G mobile technology is not a panacea for radio for the foreseeable future.

New DAB+ transmitter goes live in Röbel, northern Germany
17.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, the Hamburg-based public broadcaster, has announced the launch of a new DAB+ transmitter in Röbel. The transmitter will cover the regions of Meyenburg, Goldberg, Moltzow, Kratzeburg and Mirow, east of Hamburg.
From Infosat:

Berlin to benefit from improved DAB+ reception
16.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
A new DAB+ antenna system has been put in operation at the Scholzplatz transmitter in west Berlin. The new antenna is expected to provide improved reception for DAB+ receivers located within a 50 km radius of the transmission site.
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3.76 million daily DAB+ listeners in Germany
10.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
Over 3.7 million people listen to DAB+ radio per day in Germany, according to the latest figures revealed by MA's audio market report.This marks the first time the report includes separate figures for DAB+ listening, highlighting yet again the growing popularity of DAB+ in Germany.
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Baden-Württemberg seeks regional multiplex renewal
09.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
The Baden-Württemberg Communications Institute has submitted an application to initiate the procedure for the extension of the regional multiplex license in the southwestern state. The current license, which is due to end on 30 November 2020, is expected to be extended to 2026. Small-scale DAB+ trials are also set to take place in 2020 and beyond.
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No alternative to DAB+ says Deutschlandradio
WorldDAB Members News - 09.07.2019 - Deutschlandradio - Germany - Germany
According to the general manager of Deutschlandradio Stefan Raue, the high costs and lengthy procedures associated with the development of 5G networks means the technology is not a viable solution for radio, and certainly not a viable alternative for DAB+. which is cost-effective, offers a high-quality listening experience, and is accessible to listeners free of charge.
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Public and private broadcasters in Germany back DAB+
04.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
In this interview, senior figures from the public and private radio industry in Germany - Deutschlandradio's Stefan Raue and Die Neue Welle's Willi Schreiner - highlight the strong growth and future prospects for DAB+ in Germany and across Europe.
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German-speaking BRF2 station starts DAB+ broadcasts in Wallonia, Belgium
01.07.2019 - Germany - Germany
The German-speaking Belgian radio now broadcasts its programs in parts of Wallonia as well as in Brussels via DAB+. As of this week, the hit station from Eupen can be received in the provinces of Liège, Namur, Luxembourg and in the capital.
From Radio Woche: