New cars must have DAB+ digital radio
10.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
From December 21, 2020 radios in new vehicles as well as new stationary radios with displays need to enable the reception and playback of DAB+.
From CIO:

Digital radio mandated in all new cars in Germany
08.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
German Parliament has approved a law requiring all new cars sold in Germany starting from 21 December 2020 to be equipped with digital terrestrial radio capabilities. The new law is in line with the EECC directive mandating digital radio in cars across the EU.

DAB+ mandatory in new cars across Germany
08.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
According to new German legislation, starting from 21 December 2020, every new car in Germany will be required to have a DAB+ digital radio factory-fitted.
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Media Broadcast expands nationwide DAB+ to Oberammergau and Untersberg
31.10.2019 - Germany - Germany
Media Broadcast has expanded its national DAB+ network to two more locations in Bavaria, Oberammergau Untersberg. Listeners in these regions will now have access to a larger number of stations on DAB+.
From Infosat:

DAB+ launches in Dorfen, Germany
30.10.2019 - Germany - Germany
DAB+ coverage in Bavaria continues to improve as DAB+ launches in Dorfen, Germany, as the transmitter operated by Bayerischer Rundfunk goes into operation today.
From Sueddeutsche Zeitung:

M-net starts DAB+ radio programmes in Munich
24.10.2019 - Germany - Germany
German regional operator M-net has started providing radio programs in digital DAB+ on its cable networks. The company said 16 private and public radio programmes are now available for more than 60,000 households connected to its cable network in Munich.

DAB+ launches in Alfeld, Lower Saxony
23.10.2019 - Germany - Germany
DAB+ will be available to listeners in Alfeld, in the state of Lower Saxony, starting from 24 October. The new DAB+ transmitter will also supply a number of other locations in the state - namely Delligsen, Coppengrave, Hoyershausen and Duingen.

TU Automotive 2019 to highlight radio’s place in the car
WorldDAB Members News - 22.10.2019 - RadioDNS - AUDI AG - Germany - Germany
WorldDAB is hosting a session at this year’s TU-Automotive Europe, the automotive event held in Munich. Titled The future of Radio? Will the Connected Car kill the Radio star?, the session will take place on 29 October, and address radio’s role in the increasingly-connected car.
From WorldDAB:

Hamburg tops DAB+ charts in Germany
22.10.2019 - Germany - Germany
According to the latest statistics released in Germany, over 62% of Hamburg's residents now listen to the radio digitally, while 22% of people in Hamburg have access to a DAB+ device.
From Radio Szene:

DAB+ over FM - benefits of the new standard
21.10.2019 - Germany - Germany
With reception now available in 98% of the country, DAB+ digital radio is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Amongst a number of advantages, listeners can benefit from a wider pool of content, improved sound quality, and additional visual and text information.
From Radio Woche: