German politicians back DAB+ digital radio
04.12.2019 - Germany - Germany
German State Secretary for Rhineland-Palatinate Heike Raab and Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digital Affairs, discuss the benefits of DAB+ digital radio in light of Germany's recent introduction of a new law requiring all new car radios - and certain types of consumer receivers - to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio from 21 December 2020.
From Eifel Zeitung:

DAB+ launches in Sylt, Germany
29.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
A new DAB+ transmitter has been put into operation in Westerland, on the island of Sylt, northern Germany. 13 DAB+ radio stations are now available to listeners in Germany's popular holiday destination.

Radio B2 launches new DAB+ station
28.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
The Berlin broadcasting group Radio B2 has announced the launch of a new digital station - Lounge Plus. The new station which will be available to DAB+ listeners in and around Berlin from 6 am to 6 pm.
From Der Tagesspiegel:

Digital radio to be mandatory in German receivers
28.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
Starting from 21 December 2020, radio receivers in new cars, as well as receivers capable of displaying images will be required to include digital terrestrial capabilities such as DAB+.
From Presse Portal:

Up to 30% discount on DAB+ radios
27.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
The offer is valid on select receivers from 23 November to 8 December. Visit the Digital Radio Germany website for more information on the receivers going on sale.

DAB+ network improves in Baden-Württemberg
20.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
DAB+ network continues to improve in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, with the launch of a new site in Mühlacker on 25 November.
From Infosat:

Call for tenders launched in Thuringia, Germany
18.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
A new call for tenders for DAB+ licenses has launched in the state of Thuringia, central Germany. Interested parties wishing to convert their FM licenses into DAB+ have until 20 December 2019 to submit their applications.
From Suddeutsche Zeitung:

DAB+ offering expands in Berlin
15.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
The Berlin radio landscape is becoming increasingly diverse as Radio Arabica and Mega Radio Berlin launch on DAB+ in the German capital. This marks the first time an Arabic-language radio station has been allocated a DAB+ license in the Berlin.
From Infosat:

How can you retrofit a DAB+ digital radio in your car?
13.11.2019 - Germany - Germany
As of 21 December 2020, every new car in Germany will be required to have a DAB+ digital radio included on board. While the cars already on the road are not required to comply with this law, drivers are already looking into ways to convert their in-car radios to DAB+ digital radio - here's how you can do it.
From Bild:

Virtual field tests with the IZT RecPlay system
WorldDAB Members News - 11.11.2019 - Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT - Germany - Germany
The ability to record RF signals during test drives and to reproduce them in the laboratory can significantly reduce time-to-market and cost when developing radio receivers. The IZT Record and Replay system (IZT RecPlay) is widely used in the car industry and enables manufacturers to test and to verify their implementations in a very reliable and reproducible way.
From IZT: