Technisat collaborates with designer Jette Joop to release new designer DAB+ radios
15.01.2019 - Germany - Germany
The first product of the partnership between Technisat and Jette Joop is the Transita 100 DAB+ radio, which comes in two entirely new designs - Wave and leaf, and Zigzag.
From Eifel Zeitung:

DAB+ expands in Germany and Austria
14.01.2019 - Austria - Austria - Germany - Germany
DAB+ continues its expansion in Germany, with Antenne Deutschland - a joint venture between Media Broadcast and Absolut Digital - due to start building and operating the country's second national network. In Austria, ORS - a subsidiary of the Austrian public broadcaster - will be launching the new multiplex in Vienna in May 2019, with 85% of the population of the country expected to be covered with DAB+ by 2020.
From Radio Visie:

Adventure magazine Griaß di 'Allgäu now available as a DAB+ radio station
09.01.2019 - Germany - Germany
German adventure magazine Griaß di 'Allgäu is now available as a DAB+ radio station. Previously only in magazine format, Griaß di 'Allgäu has launched a DAB+ radio version available on channel 8B since the start of January.

Sahaga looking to integrate German market
08.01.2019 - Germany - Germany
Currently the largest distributor of DAB+ digital radios on the Norwegian market, Sahaga is now also looking to tap into the German market by making all of its 40 DAB+ radio models available to German consumers.

New DAB+ networks with IZT multiplexers expand digital radio offering in Germany
08.01.2019 - Germany - Germany
New regional DAB+ networks have expanded the digital radio offering in Germany, with the “DAB+ network Allgäu” on channel 8D being the latest extension of the German digital radio offer to go into operation in November 2018. The operator of the network is Bayern Digital Radio GmbH.
From IZT:

Significant progress for DAB+ in Germany in 2018
28.12.2018 - Germany - Germany
Population coverage is now standing at 98 percent, while household penetration stands at 89 percent. According to the Digital Media's Digital Audio Review, the proportion of households with access to at least one DAB+ device has risen from 15.7 in 2017 to 18.1 percent in 2018, while according to HEMIX, 774,000 DAB+ devices were sold in the first three quarters of 2018 - a 13 percent increase over the same period last year.
From Radio Woche :

DAB+ annual review 2018 - digitisation of radio in motion
19.12.2018 - Germany - Germany
The digitisation of radio has made great progress over the last year, both on a national and international level. 98% of the German population is covered by DAB+ and over 250 radio stations are available across the country, with the EU also supporting the rollout of DAB+ through the adoption of the EECC directive.
From Radio Szene:

European Union imposes digital radio in cars
13.12.2018 - Germany - Germany
The decision, formally signed by both the European Parliament and the European Council, will be published on 17 December and come into force three days later.

NDR continues DAB+ expansion into 2019
08.12.2018 - Germany - Germany
The NDR continues to drive forward the expansion of its DAB+ broadcasting network with the Lüneburg, Stralsund and Greifswald locations scheduled to go into operation in December. More regions set to follow in 2019 and 2020.
From Radiowoche:

North Rhine-Westphalia Media Authority publishes list of broadcasters interested in DAB+
28.11.2018 - Germany - Germany
As announced by the Broadcasting Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia in mid-November, interested parties include local, regional and national private program providers and platform operators.
From Infosat: