CSA to focus on bringing DAB+ to more remote locations from 2020 says Nicolas Curien
05.04.2019 - France - France
Speaking at the annual independent radio union (SIRTI) meeting, Nicolas Curien welcomed the progress made by DAB+ in France over the past year, highlighting that the next priority for the CSA and its “nodes and arcs” strategy would be to make DAB+ available in smaller regions across France.

New CSA president endorses switch to DAB+ radio at independent radio union meeting
04.04.2019 - France - France
Speaking at the annual event, the French regulator's new president, Roch-Olivier Maistre, expressed his support for DAB+ radio, highlighting the need to bring everyone together to educate consumers and promote DAB+ digital radio across the all platforms.
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Radio France CEO reiterates DAB+ value at Radiodays Europe
WorldDAB Members News - 01.04.2019 - Radio France - France - France
Speaking on the opening day of Radiodays Europe in Lausanne, Radio France CEO Sibyle Veil stated that the deployment of DAB+ technology in Europe was good news, touching on Radio France's investments in terrestrial broadcast, and confirming that all channels of Radio France would soon be available on the network.
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DAB+ is the way forward says CEO of Radio France, Syvile Veil
WorldDAB Members News - 28.03.2019 - Radio France - France - France
At the start of March, the French regulator CSA announced its decision to grant Radio France with a licence to broadcast its six radio stations nationally on DAB+. This article touches on the potential of DAB+ and the reasons behind Radio France's investment in DAB+ digital radio as communicated by Radio France CEO Syvile Veil in an interview with Les Echos.
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WorldDAB to host DAB+ session at MedPi 2019, Paris
28.03.2019 - France - France
WorldDAB has announced it will run a DAB+ information workshop at the annual consumer distribution networks event - MedPi 2019 - taking place in Paris on 2-4 April 2019.The workshop, jointly organised by MedPi and WorldDAB, will take place on Wednesday 3 April at 16:00 CET, and will focus on the accelerated deployment of DAB+ digital radio in France and how retailers can benefit from new business opportunities represented by the growing DAB+ market.
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Continental introduces new DAB+ radios for construction sites
26.03.2019 - France - France
Continental's new DAB/ DAB+ radios include the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus technology for large vehicles. The radios can also accommodate the connection of two smartphones simultaneously that operators can access both business and personal data, or two operators can pair their mobiles. Continental offers a wide range of solutions for digital radio reception, to enable builders and fleet managers to be prepared for future European standards.
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Radio France sees great potential on DAB+ says CEO
WorldDAB Members News - 26.03.2019 - Radio France - France - France
In this written interview, Radio France CEO Sibyle Veil touches on the potential of DAB+, the reasons behind Radio France's investment in DAB+ and the public broadcaster's strategy in dealing with increasing competition from tech giants.
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France scraps DMB from its legislation in favour of DAB+
22.03.2019 - France - France
France has removed DMB - previously expected to become the standard for digital transmission - from its national legislation in favour of DAB+, highlighting yet again the country's commitment to digital audio broadcasting. France plans to launch two DAB+ national multiplexes early next year, with regional and local networks already operating across a number of locations.
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National DAB+ broadcasts in France to start in 2020
11.03.2019 - France - France
The radio stations that were granted a national DAB+ license by the French regulator CSA are set to start broadcasts in early 2020. All of Radio France's national stations have been granted a license, while RTL, RMC and Europe 1 were also selected by the CSA.
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All major French radio groups soon on DAB+
07.03.2019 - France - France
The CSA has announced the list of radio stations that have been given a DAB+ licence, with all major radio groups in France having been granted a licence to broadcast. With DAB+ population coverage in France now having reached 20%, receivers sold in France must now integrate DAB+ .
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