Over 75 million DAB+ receivers sold
17.06.2019 - France - France
DAB+ continues to gain ground on a global scale, as the latest data published by WorldDAB indicates that more than 75 million DAB+ receivers had been sold in Europe and Asia Pacific by the end of 2018, compared with 65 million in 2017.
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FM-Plus launches campaign to help finance switch to DAB+
17.06.2019 - France - France
French radio station FM-Plus has launched a campaign to help finance a switch to DAB+ radio. The station based in the southern city of Montpellier is looking to gather 15,000 euros in the first instance to kick-start its digital transformation.
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DAB+ to launch in Orleans in 2020
07.06.2019 - France - France
DAB+ digital radio is set to launch in the city of Orleans and the wider region of Le Loiret (France), in the first half of 2020. Listeners across the region in central France will be able to benefit from a wider range of programs, clearer sound and additional on-screen information. 70% of the population of France is expected to have access to DAB+ by 2020.
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DAB+ to launch in Toulon in 2020
28.05.2019 - France - France
DAB+ will be launching in the southern French city of Toulon in 2020. Up to 26 stations are expected - a number of which are not available on the FM band - are expected to be available on DAB+ in the region.

DAB+ rollout continues in France
28.05.2019 - France - France
Broadcasters' interest in DAB+ licences continues to grow as DAB+ digital radio launches in new cities across France. The multiplexes in Bordeaux and Toulouse are full, while another 28 licences have been granted for broadcasters in Bayonne, La Rochelle, Pau, Besançon, Dijon, Annecy, Annemasse, Chambéry, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Avignon, Toulon, Orléans, Poitiers and Tours.
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DAB+ adoption growing in France shows new CSA report
23.05.2019 - France - France
A new report released by the French regulator highlights the growing popularity of DAB receivers with French consumers. Among a number of findings, the report highlights that DAB+ household receiver penetration grew from 8 percent to 13 percent between 2017 and 2018 - a figure which expected to grow further in 2019 as DAB+ continues its rollout across the country.
From CSA:

High demand for regional DAB+ licences in France
22.05.2019 - France - France
A total of 136 applicants have been selected for regional DAB+ licences following the call for applications launched by the French regulator earlier this year. DAB+ is expected to launch across a number of French cities in the near future, including Bordeaux, Toulouse, Annecy, Annemasse, Avignon, Bayonne, Besançon, Chambéry, Dijon, Grenoble, La Rochelle, Orléans, Pau, Poitiers, Saint-Etienne, Toulon and Tours.
From CSA:

CSA publishes French national multiplex allocations
15.05.2019 - France - France
The French regulator has announced the metropolitan allocations for national DAB+ licences launching in 2020 - available here (110-116) and here (130-146).
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Factum Radioscape provide French radio group Gram with Observa monitoring
01.05.2019 - France - France
Factum Radioscape have announced an agreement with GRAM (Group of Radios Associatives of the Nantes Metropole) to supply the DAB+ measuring tool Observa: a portable device for measuring and analysing DAB+ RF signals. GRAM is currently installing the DAB network in Nantes with the commencement date set to 2nd July 2019, with 26 radios to be broadcast including 10 community radios.
From Factum Radioscape:

DAB+ key to maintain traditional radio broadcast model
05.04.2019 - France - France
Speaking at SIRTI's annual event, president Alain Liberty touched on the progress DAB+ has made over the past year in France, the invaluable support of independent radio stations - 71 of which currently broadcast in DAB+ - in helping drive DAB+ adoption, and how DAB+ is key to keeping the traditional broadcasting model alive.