Paneda to install new multiplexers for Towercast in France
WorldDAB Members News - 07.08.2019 - Paneda - France - France
Network operator towerCast has ordered additional three complete multiplexer systems from Paneda. The new systems will be put in operation in Mâcon, Bourg-en-Bresse and Rouen/Etendu. Commenting on the announcement, Towercast president Raphael Eyraud said “We are pleased to note that DAB in France is expanding, and that towerCast are able to be a key part in the DAB roll out in France. The previous systems from Paneda has performed very well and is much appreciated by us for its easy to use and understand approach”.
From Paneda:

French regulator gives further boost to DAB+
24.07.2019 - France - France
In another step towards the national rollout of DAB+ in France the CSA has announced it has accepted 68 out of the 105 applications received for further DAB+ stations in Paris, Marseille and Nice. Authorisations will be issued before the end of 2019.

CSA launches new call for tenders for 15 sites
24.07.2019 - France - France
The French regulator CSA has launched a new call for tenders for DAB+ licenses across a number of locations in France. Specifically, the call for tenders concerns the cities and regions of Amiens, Angers, Brest, Caen, Clermont-Ferrand, Limoges, Le Mans, Metz, Montpellier, Nancy, Nîmes, Perpignan, Reims, Rennes and Troyes. Interested parties should submit their applications to the CSA by 6 November 2019.
From CSA:

Over 40 DAB+ stations on air in the Pays de la Loire, western France
19.07.2019 - France - France
At the begging of July, DAB+ was officially launched in Nantes and the wider region of Pays de La Loire in western France. Less than a month after the launch, 41 new stations have already gone live on DAB+ in the region, while a number of other cities in France are expected to follow suit and launch DAB+ in coming months.
From Le Son Unique:

DAB+ launches in Nantes, France
08.07.2019 - France - France
The rapid rollout of DAB+ in France continues as regular DAB+ services have launched in Nantes. 41 DAB+ stations are now available to listeners in Nantes and the wider region of Pays de la Loire in the west of the country.

DAB+ deployment in France progresses
03.07.2019 - France - France
Following initial launches in Paris, Nice and Marseille in 2014, and significant milestones achieved in 2018 (including launches in Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg areas), France is gearing up to launch DAB+ in Nantes and Rouen in the second part of 2019, while all eyes are already turning to 2020.
From Radio World:

New DAB+ stations to launch in Toulouse
01.07.2019 - France - France
39 stations are set to launch on DAB+ in Toulouse, France, as the city in southern France prepares to launch DAB+ next year. The launch, which is scheduled to take place in the first half of 2020, will see 23 new radio stations become available in the city through DAB+.
From La Depeche:

National DAB+ broadcasters have designated their multiplex operators
27.06.2019 - France - France
According to the law, radio stations had a period of two months, until June 24, 2019, to jointly designate multiplex operators. The broadcasters proposed the company "Opératrice du multiplex M1" for the multiplex M1, (NRJ, Chérie FM, Nostalgie, Rire et Chansons, RTL, Fun Radio, RTL 2, Radio Classique, Skyrock, M Radio, Latina et Air Zen) and the company "OpeNMux" for the multiplex M2 (France Inter, France Musique, France Culture, France Info, FIP, Mouv’, Europe 1, Virgin Radio, RFM, RMC, BFM Business et BFM Radio).
From La Lettre Pro:

DAB+ in all vehicles in June 2020
WorldDAB Members News - 21.06.2019 - AUDI AG - France - France
June 2020 is an important date in the development of DAB+ technology in France. All new vehicles and radio-related products will have to integrate DAB+. La Lettre Pro discussed this topic with Olivier Humbaire, president of SECIMAVI, a professional organization grouping the main brands of manufacturers and importers of electronics at WorldDAB Automotive 2019 in Turin, Italy.
From La Lettre Pro:

DAB+ to launch in Nantes in July 2019
18.06.2019 - France - France
The official launch of DAB+ in Nantes, France, is set to take place at the Hotel Mercures Nantes gare on 4 July 2019. The president of the French regulator CSA, Roch-Olivier Maistre, is expected to attend the launch event.
From La Lettre Pro: