Pure Evoke H4
WorldDAB Members News - 12.06.2018 - Pure - France - France
Especially easy to use, the Evoque H4 gives the choice: FM, DAB/DAB+ or Bluetooth. To choose the reception mode, simply turn the Selection knob. Access to digital terrestrial radio stations is automatic by launching a simple scan. The station name available where you are is displayed after a few seconds on the screen, in alphabetical order.
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DAB+ radio: can France catch up?
12.06.2018 - France - France
Since December 2017, DAB+ development in France has started to accelerate. The CSA has announced a new strategy, with DAB+ development aimed at covering 30 regions and to go from 20% to 70% of national coverage by 2020. The launch of DAB+ in Lille on 19 June is the next major progress in France, while informing and educating French listeners about the opportunities with DAB+ is imperative.
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Lille to hold DAB+ launch event
12.06.2018 - France - France
The city of Lille is organizing a special DAB+ launch event in collaboration with France’s broadcast regulator, the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA). In addition to celebrating the launch of DAB+ in Lille and Hauts-de-France, the gathering also marks the implementation of France’s new digital radio timetable that sees DAB+ services beginning in Lyon, Strasbourg, Rouen, Le Havre, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Toulouse in the coming months.
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Sony DAB+ radios on market ahead of Lille launch
WorldDAB Members News - 12.06.2018 - Sony Video & Sound Products Inc. - France - France
Featuring the XDR-S41D, XDR-S61D, XDR-V20D and XDR-V1BTD.
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Attend the launch of DAB+ in Lille on 19 June
11.06.2018 - France - France
50 radio stations in France will begin broadcasting in DAB+ on 19 June, and will be marked by a launch event in Lille. The event will also mark the implementation of a new calendar that will schedule DAB+ services to launch Lyon, Strasbourg, Rouen, Le Havre, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Toulouse.
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Pure Move R3
WorldDAB Members News - 08.06.2018 - Pure - France - France
Thanks to the Pure Move R3 radio, you can listen to your favorite stations by moving under the DAB band. This pocket radio which has a DAB receiver, allows thanks to this one to enjoy the sound without any interference.
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Yamaha RX-S602 MusicCast
08.06.2018 - France - France
It is also MusicCast, to read the music via the network and share it with other pieces in multiroom. In the radius of the differences, there is also the disappearance of the AM radio reception replaced by the DAB+ (RNT). And there are now two antennas for wireless WiFi & Bluetooth connections.
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DAB+ rollout progresses in northern Europe
08.06.2018 - Belgium - Belgium - Luxembourg - Luxembourg - France - France
New DAB+ channels are being launched in Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. New channels will be launched in Lille from 19 June, while DAB+ is being expanded in the Flanders region of Belgium. Test broadcasts are also taking place in Luxembourg.
From Totaal TV:

DAB+ broadcast to launch in Lille from 19 June
07.06.2018 - France - France
From 19 June, a new transmission operation will begin in Lille with 39 stations, 27 of which will be broadcast exclusively via DAB+. French broadcasting authority CSA will also announce further plans to expand DAB+, with most of the country to be covered by 2021.

Denon D-M41 DAB Silver + Wild Cherry
06.06.2018 - France - France
A dual FM and DAB+ tuner is present, for listening to analogue and digital radio stations.
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