DAB invades the hearts and homes of the Danes
WorldDAB Members News - 11.05.2009 - Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Danmarks Radio (DR) - Denmark - Denmark
Digital radio (DAB) increases again - the latest figures from Danmarks Statistik (Danmarks Statistik produces and communicates official statistics) show that almost every third Danish home now have a DAB radio

Extremely Good Sales on DAB Radios
06.02.2009 - Denmark - Denmark
In 2008 the industry experienced a significant growth in sales of DAB radios (digital radios)and everything suggests that the great DAB sales continue.

Every 4th Dane has a DAB digital radio
WorldDAB Members News - 17.12.2008 - Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Danmarks Radio (DR) - Denmark - Denmark
DAB digital radio is more popular than ever - every 4th Dane has a DAB digital radio The Danes have seriously taken DAB digital radio to their hearts: 1.3 million Danes have a DAB radio. And nearly 1 million Danes, who haven’t got DAB already, are counting on buying a DAB radio within the next year.

Danes crazy about digital radio: New positive figures showing DAB growth in Denmark
18.01.2008 - Denmark - Denmark
The Danes are crazy about DAB Digital Radio! Independent Research Company Zapera asked 2,000 Danes between the ages of 15 and 63 about their opinion on DAB. The survey showed that 38% have access to a DAB radio at home and 18% have more than one DAB radio at home. These new figures make Denmark one of the most successful countries to roll out DAB Digital Radio.

Denmark has broken through the 1 million mark
03.08.2007 - Denmark - Denmark
More than 1 million Danes older than 12 years have access to a DAB digital radio in their homes. This is three times as many as only one year ago. The marketing...