Chains in Denmark report good sales of DAB radios during Christmas
14.01.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
There will be many DAB+ radios under Christmas trees bought from chains Elgiganten, Fona and Hi-Fi Klubben this year as a press release sent by CES has said that that sales were up 50% compared to Christmas 2013.
From Branchen Forbruger Elektronik:

The Radio and Television Board's invitation to tender for licences for DAB block 3
04.12.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
The Radio and Television Board has announced it is inviting tenders for 13 licences in DAB block 3. Applicants will be reviewed after the 26th January and will be based on a beauty contest process.
From Danish Agency for Culture:

Government to spend 10.7 million on digital radio campaign
15.10.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
A campaign will be implemented to raise awareness of digital radio throughout Denmark. Government will be funding this campaign with the support of 10.7 million kr. This precedes the FM switchover date of 2019.
From Danish Culture Agency:

Infographic: WorldDMB shows digital radio progress
16.09.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Australia - Australia - Norway - Norway - France - France - Switzerland - Switzerland - Denmark - Denmark - Germany - Germany - Italy - Italy - Netherlands - Netherlands
Infographics developed by WorldDMB report that from 2008 - 2013; over 1.6 million DAB+ receivers have sold in Australia; 1.5 million in Switzerland; nearly 1.2 milion in Norway, but over 20 million throughout the U.K.
From Telematics News:

WorldDMB: World boom in digital radio
14.09.2014 - Australia - Australia - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Germany - Germany - Netherlands - Netherlands - Denmark - Denmark - Italy - Italy - Switzerland - Switzerland - France - France - Norway - Norway
Digital radio network coverage has continued to expand throughout Europe over the past year, according to a new report launched at IBC by WorldDMB, a global industry forum for digital radio promoting DAB, DAB+ and DMB. Many countries are already experiencing almost complete penetration of digital radio; it is now at 99% in Switzerland, 98% in Denmark, 95% in Netherlands, 94% in the UK and 91% in Germany. Although in pre-launch phase, Italy has already reached 65% population coverage.
From TVB Europe:

Danes Make Plans for DAB+ Switch
25.04.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
The Danish government has altered the timeline for the country’s transition from DAB to DAB+, shifting it to occur between 2016 and 2018, according to Radio.NL.
From Radio World:

Revised timetable for switch from DAB to DAB+ in Denmark
22.04.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
Denmark initially planned the switch from DAB to DAB+ to commence later this year.However a new timetable from the Danish government has pushed back this switch to take place between 2016 and 2018

Revised timeline for rollout of DAB+ approved by Danish politicians
18.03.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
A new regional DAB MUX-3 will be implemented in DAB+ format in 13 regions and be ready for use in 2015.

BMW Calls for Clear Decision About Radio Standards
17.03.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
Bertram Hock, group leader, Broadcast Receiver Development for automaker BMW, says the Danish government needs to make a clear decision about DAB radio.
From Radio World:

BMW: Take the decision on FM switch off now
13.03.2014 - Denmark - Denmark
BMW calls on politicians to make a clear decision on the future of DAB and calls for consumers to be properly informed of the exciting new opportunities available via digital radio.