FM Switch Off Plans Shift From Country to Country
29.06.2015 - Sweden - Sweden - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Denmark - Denmark - Germany - Germany - Switzerland - Switzerland
Technological advancements are sometimes able to turn long-running (but still reliable) items or standards into outdated legacies. Usually, it’s the market that decides, when it comes to broadcasting standards this can be different.
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65% of all new cars in the UK have DAB+ standard or optional
21.05.2015 - Denmark - Denmark - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
At WorldDMB's car and radio conference in Brussels on May 20, Digital Radio UK told the audience that 64.9% of all new passenger cars registered have digital radio as standard and another 10% of the cars can have it fitted as an option. This is impressive progress and it is clear that digital radio in the car is becoming something of a car owner 'must have'.
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Danish Broadcasting Corporation Installs DAB+ system
13.05.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, also known as DR, has recently completed the installation of a DAB+ radio headend system at its headquarters in Copenhagen.
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Danish Ministry of Culture - "the limited frequency space on FM means that we will eventually turn off FM"
29.04.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
In an announcement today, an additional agreement on the migration to digital radio in Denmark identified the opportunities gained from moving from FM. The consensus is that FM shutdown is inevitable. A decision will be taken when 50% of listening is digital, new licences will be available by end 2015, and there will be a full transition from DAB to DAB+ by end 2016.
From Danish Ministry of Culture:

Denmark chooses British model for DAB+ digitisation plans
29.04.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
Denmark announced on Tuesday 29th of April an additional agreement on the transition to digital radio that sets clearer conditions for the migration to digital listening. The agreement largely follows the British digitisation plans which sets specific requirements that need to be achieved before an FM switch-off date can be set.
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All Danish stations will now on DAB+
13.04.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
After a revision in March, Danish radio channels will now all be DAB+. Danish Radio has worked for several years for the digitisation of radio and called the transition to DAB+ an important step towards the digitisation of radio in Denmark.
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Review statements, myths and misconceptions
09.04.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
The consultation period for the report "From analogue to digital radio" is now over. Many consultation responses are positive about the commission's proposal for a digitising Swedish radio. Some, however, strongly critical. Unfortunately, based criticism too often on misunderstandings, misinterpretations and tendentious calculations.
From Digital Radio Sweden:

DR P4 can now be heard on DAB+
03.03.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
P4 is already Denmark's most listened to radio channel, but the channel could only be heard on FM and on the internet. From today, you can now listen on DAB+.

WorldDMB tracks growth of in-car digital radio
WorldDAB News - 03.03.2015 - Australia - Australia - Denmark - Denmark - Germany - Germany - Italy - Italy - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Norway - Norway - Netherlands - Netherlands - Switzerland - Switzerland - France - France
WorldDMB today releases its latest research on digital radio in cars. The aim of the research is to highlight the growth of DAB digital radio adoption and show the commitment by the automotive and broadcasting industries to provide better in-car listening. The WorldDMB DAB/DAB+ digital radio automotive infographic covers progress in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.
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When design and technology go hand in hand…
01.02.2015 - Denmark - Denmark
IRC Nordic has produced audio products since 2001 and is among the Danish leading suppliers of DAB radios. Introducing the new product line, new and larger sales channels have paved the way for more important markets, and IRC expects establishment on 9-10 markets and representation in more than 800 shops during 2015.
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