Norwegian station launches in Copenhagen on DAB+
07.10.2019 - Denmark - Denmark
Bauer Media is now broadcasting its main Norwegian program Radio Norge in Copenhagen via DAB+. The station is aimed at Norwegians who live and work in the Danish capital.
From Radio Woche:

MTV launches nationwide DAB+ radio station in Denmark
16.08.2019 - Denmark - Denmark
Viacom has announced the launch of a new MTV radio station on DAB+ in Denmark. The nationwide radio station will be available to DAB+ listeners across the country.

Radioplayer expands with licensing agreement in Denmark
13.05.2019 - Denmark - Denmark
Denmark becomes the 10th country to sign up to Radioplayer – with the service to be promoted locally as mereRadio. The new collaboration from Radioplayer Worldwide will use Radioplayer technology to enable Danes to access radio stations across the country all in one place. There will be around 60 stations at launch, drawn from across the public service, private, and non-profit sectors.
From Radio Today:

NRJ will also be nationwide in Denmark
11.04.2019 - Denmark - Denmark
Following its launch on FM in North Sealand and Greater Copenhagen, from 15 April, NRJ will also be available nationally on DAB+ in Denmark.

NRJ now available nationally on DAB+ in Denmark
11.04.2019 - Denmark - Denmark
After launching in autumn 2018 in North Sealand and Greater Copenhagen, NRJ has expanded its distribution and is now available nationally on DAB+ in Denmark. NRJ is present in 18 countries.
From MediaWatch:

EU adopts new directive to make digital radio in cars a legal requirement
17.11.2018 - Denmark - Denmark
The new regulation, which will require all new cars built and sold in the EU to be equipped with digital radio receivers, is expected to be implemented by EU member countries in 2019.

Tangent Spectrum W1
14.08.2018 - Denmark - Denmark
The Danish speaker manufacturer Tangent launches radio with DAB + and a stereo speaker with Chromecast.
From Recordere:

2017: a record year for DAB receiver sales
15.05.2018 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Australia - Australia - Belgium - Belgium - Denmark - Denmark - Norway - Norway - Netherlands - Netherlands - Switzerland - Switzerland - Italy - Italy - France - France - Germany - Germany
Almost 12 million DAB receivers were sold in 2017 in Europe and Asia Pacific, a new record for yearly sales. Almost half (5.9m) of the sales were for automotive devices, with key markets showing a significant increase in the number of cars sold with DAB fitted as standard.
From WorldDAB:

Will Denmark switch off FM by 2021?
18.04.2018 - Denmark - Denmark
Initially, Denmark only wanted to begin a transition to digital radio after digital listening figures exceeded 50% (currently at 36%). But the Danish Ministry of Culture is proposing that FM should be switched off two years after it has been determined that the 50 percent threshold has been exceeded, but that switchover should occur if the target isn't reached by 2021.
From Radiowoche:

Danish government will deploy FM channels in 2021
10.04.2018 - Denmark - Denmark
The Danish government announced on Thursday that it is time to switch off the FM radio, following the example of Norway. By the end of 2021, national broadcasters may only broadcast via DAB+. Denmark already decided in 2015 that FM would be switched off within two years, as soon as the percentage of digital listeners would exceed 50 percent. Currently, that percentage of DAB listeners is 38 percent.
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