DAB+ offering grows in French-speaking Belgium
16.09.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The rising popularity of DAB+ in French-speaking Belgium is reflected in the growing number of stations launching on DAB+. Six new stations are launching on DAB+ in September, bringing the total number of stations available on DAB+ in the region to 22. More stations are expected to launch in coming months.
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German-speaking DAB+ stations BRF1 and BRF2 go live in french-speaking Belgium
10.09.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF), the public-service broadcasting organisation serving the German-speaking community of Belgium, has announced the launch of two of its stations in french-speaking parts of Belgium. BRF1 and BRF2 are now available to DAB+ listeners in the Belgian regions of Liège, Namur, Luxembourg, Brabant and Brussels.
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Belgium’s Wallonia-Brussels federation redefines radio landscape
05.08.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
CSA’s decision to redefine the Wallonia-Brussels federation radio landscape for a nine-year term marks an important step toward digital radio development. The inclusion of independent radio stations makes DAB+ offerings in the French speaking part of the country one of the richest and most diverse in Europe. With 141 DAB+ licenses still available for local and independent broadcasters, the CSA plans to organize a new frequency round, which will allow more independent stations to go on air.
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Local radio in Belgium boosted by DAB+
24.07.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The local radio landscape in Wallonia-Brussels Federation is to be enriched by the launch of new a DAB+ community radio network. The broadcaster RCF has announced it has obtained a frequency on the new DAB+ community network to be launched in autumn 2019 covering all of the region.

CSA publishes list of French-speaking DAB+ stations for Brussels and Wallonia
18.07.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The French-speaker regulator in Belgium, CSA, has published the full list of French-speaking DAB+ stations that will be broadcasting in Brussels and the rest of the French-speaking part of Belgium. 17 DAB+ stations are already available to listeners in Wallonia, but almost 100 DAB+ stations are expected to broadcast on DAB+ in coming months.
From CSA:

Qmusic launches first interactive station on DAB+ in Flanders, Belgium
01.07.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Qmusic has officially launched the very first interactive radio channel on DAB+ in French-speaking Belgium. Using the Qmusic app, listeners can vote for the next song to be played on the DAB+ station.

Norkring improves DAB+ reception in Belgium
WorldDAB Members News - 18.06.2019 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Transmitter operator Norkring has improved the reception of the two commercial DAB+ networks in northeastern Flanders, Belgium. A total of 21 radio stations can now be received on the two commercial DAB + networks.

RTBF radio back on DAB+ in Flanders, Belgium
01.05.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
On 2 May 2019, RTBF launched RTBF Mix, a new radio station that combines different RTBF programs and stations - including La Première, Classic 21 and VivaCité - into one single station broadcast on DAB+ across the French-speaking region of Belgium.
From RTBF:

French-speaking Belgium regulator receives 126 applications for DAB+ licences
11.04.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The list of applicants has been published on the CSA website. The CSA will now assess the applications based on their feasibility and contribution to the diversity of the radio landscape and will publish its decision by no later than 16 July 2019.
From Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel Belgium:

Call for tenders leads to over 130 applications in French-speaking Belgium
26.03.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The CSA's call for application which closed on 16 March marked the first time the Walloon regulator issued a call for tenders for both DAB+ and FM frequencies.