DAB+ increasingly popular in Flanders, Belgium
11.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
DAB+ radio listening time in Dutch-speaking Belgium has tripled - going from 3% to 9% - compared to last year, while digital listening in the region makes up 26% of total listening time. What's more, more than 16% of Flemish people already have a DAB+ device, while 12% want to buy one.
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Late DAB+ adopters benefit from experience and move faster
07.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Countries that have approached the DAB+ digital radio standard as late adopters are deploying their networks at a much faster pace than early-riser nations, reports show. Speakers at the WorldDAB general assembly, which took place in Brussels last week, confirmed this fact.
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DAB+ officially launches in French-speaking Belgium
04.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
DAB+ has officially launched in French-speaking parts of Belgium, including the capital Brussels. A ceremony celebrating the launch of regular services was held at the offices of the CSA, the French-speaking regulator in Belgium.

RTBF to operate two DAB+ multiplexes in Belgium
29.10.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
According to the latest frequency plan, the Belgian regulator CSA, has authorised public broadcaster RTBF to operate two DAB+ digital radio multiplexes. The multiplexes will be operated by RTBF for a period of nine years, starting from 1 November 2019.
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DAB+ progress in the spotlight at WorldDAB General Assembly
24.10.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The last 12 months have been an exciting period for DAB digital radio in Europe and beyond. As Brussels prepares to host the annual WorldDAB General Assembly, WorldDAB president Patrick Hannon touches on some of the most significant updates of the past year and the topics that will be covered over the two-day event.
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WorldDAB General Assembly 2019
14.10.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The WorldDAB General Assembly will take place at the Brussels Square Convention Centre on 5 and 6 November. Over 200 stakeholders, industry leaders and public and commercial broadcasters are expected to attend the annual event as the radio industry in Europe continues its path to digitisation.
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Telenet will start switching off analogue signal next year
09.10.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Belgian cable operator Telenet said it will start switching off the analogue radio and television signal from mid-2020. The signal for analogue radio via cable will be stopped in phases, from 10 February 2020.
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DPG launches new digital-only station in Belgium
04.10.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
DPG Media has announced that it will be launching Willy, a new digital-only rock station, in Belgium on 11 October. The station will be available to DAB+ listeners as well as online. DPG Media is a Belgian publishing company that owns media assets in Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

RTBF launches new DAB+ stations in Belgium
WorldDAB Members News - 25.09.2019 - RTBF - Belgium - Belgium
RTBF, the public broadcaster for the French-speaking community of Belgium, has announced the launch of two new DAB+ stations for French-speaking Belgium - Jam and Viva+. This brings the total number of RTBF DAB+ stations in the country to eight.
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DAB+ offering grows in French-speaking Belgium
16.09.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The rising popularity of DAB+ in French-speaking Belgium is reflected in the growing number of stations launching on DAB+. Six new stations are launching on DAB+ in September, bringing the total number of stations available on DAB+ in the region to 22. More stations are expected to launch in coming months.
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