DAB+ in the spotlight at European Motor Show
10.01.2020 - Belgium - Belgium
In light of the EU's new regulation mandating digital radio in new cars across Europe, DAB+ is set to take centre stage at the European Motor Show taking place in Brussels, Belgium, between 10-19 January 2020.
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Belgium holds national digital radio week
17.12.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The second edition of Digital Radio Week took place on 4–8 November, hosting a number of events and special broadcasts. The now nationwide gathering is designed to promote and inform Belgians about the benefits of DAB+, and digital radio.
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New appointments at
28.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Following the successful launch of regular DAB+ services in French-speaking Belgium earlier this month, has appointed Eric Adelbrecht as new managing director, and Francis Goffin as president, effective as of 20 November 2019.

Belgium unites in driving DAB+ forward
28.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Addressing the audience at the WorldDAB General Assembly held in Brussels earlier this month, the CEOs of the French and Dutch-language public broadcasters - respectively RTBF and VRT - came together to encourage the growth of digital radio.
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DAB+ takes off in French-speaking Belgium
27.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
As part of the launch of the DAB+ digital radio in French-speaking Belgium at the start of November, RTBF was granted permission to operate MUX 1 and MUX 2, for a total of 24 stations broadcasting on DAB+.

DAB+ development continues throughout Europe
20.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
The development of DAB+ digital radio was highlighted at the WorldDAB General Assembly, where topics of discussion included the launch of DAB+ digital radio in Tunisia, the launch of national DAB+ in France, and Switzerland's upcoming digital switchover.
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DPG reaches new audiences with new DAB+ station launch
19.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Commenting on the reasons behind DPG Media's launch of a digital-only station, music director Kevin Moens stated that DAB+ digital radio presented an opportunity to do something novel and reach new audiences on the Flemish radio scene, particularly as DAB+ tripled its penetration in the Belgian region.
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DAB+ increasingly popular in Flanders, Belgium
11.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
DAB+ radio listening time in Dutch-speaking Belgium has tripled - going from 3% to 9% - compared to last year, while digital listening in the region makes up 26% of total listening time. What's more, more than 16% of Flemish people already have a DAB+ device, while 12% want to buy one.
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Late DAB+ adopters benefit from experience and move faster
07.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
Countries that have approached the DAB+ digital radio standard as late adopters are deploying their networks at a much faster pace than early-riser nations, reports show. Speakers at the WorldDAB general assembly, which took place in Brussels last week, confirmed this fact.
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DAB+ officially launches in French-speaking Belgium
04.11.2019 - Belgium - Belgium
DAB+ has officially launched in French-speaking parts of Belgium, including the capital Brussels. A ceremony celebrating the launch of regular services was held at the offices of the CSA, the French-speaking regulator in Belgium.