RTR has awarded first DAB+ licence
19.12.2017 - Austria - Austria
Austrian regulator RTR has awarded the first licence for DAB digital radio. The ten-year licence has been awarded to the technology provider RTG Radio Technikum, which starting from 3 April will broadcast 11 DAB radio channels in Vienna.
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11 DAB+ radio programs will start in 2018 in Vienna
16.12.2017 - Austria - Austria
For the first time, the media authority KommAustria has granted approval in Austria for the regular operation of a multiplex platform for digital terrestrial radio in DAB+. The license, effective April 3, 2018, goes to RTG Radio Technikum GmbH for a period of 10 years; it will initially carry 11 radio programs as well as an electronic program guide and, if required, a hazard warning service in the Greater Vienna area and in parts of Vienna's surrounding area a technical reach of around 2.25 million people will spread.
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DAB+ programs coming to Austria in 2018
15.12.2017 - Austria - Austria
A regular DAB+ multiplex has been announced for Austria – with the licence being effective from April 2018 is expected. The license for the regional multiplex which will cover 2.25 million people in Greater Vienna was awarded to RTG Radio Technikum GmbH for a period of 10 years. Initially 11 radio programmes will be transmitted as well as an electronic program guide (EPG) and, if required, a hazard warning service. An announcement about a regular national multiplex is expected in Q1 2018.
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Geneva Touring/S, Geneva Touring/M und Geneva Touring/L
13.12.2017 - Austria - Austria
Geneva Lab have unveiled Geneva Touring / S and Geneva Touring/L, compatible with DAB+ standard.
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First speakers announced for Radiodays Europe 2018
24.10.2017 - Austria - Austria
The first set of speakers have been announced for Radiodays Europe 2018 that will take place in Vienna from March 18th to 20th, and include the BBC’s Director of Radio and Music, Bob Shennan.
From Radio Today:

First speakers for Radiodays Europe 2018
19.10.2017 - Austria - Austria
The first speakers have been announced for Radiodays Europe 2018. The event, which will be held in Vienna, will have more than 120 speakers in 50+ sessions over 2 and a half days, 18-20 March 2018.
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Applications submitted for regional and national DAB+ in Austria
08.08.2017 - Austria - Austria
The ORF subsidiary ORS has applied for eleven nationwide programmes, while RTG Radiotechnikum is interested in regional coverage of the greater Vienna area. By end 2017 the regulator (RTR) will announce the name of the company who will operate the DAB+ network.
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The future of digital radio in Austria
04.08.2017 - Austria - Austria
"Radio is the only media genre that has not yet been digitized. All around Austria, everything is moving towards DAB+, for example in Hungary, Slovakia, Italy or Switzerland," explains Wolfgang Struber...
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The future of digital radio
03.08.2017 - Austria - Austria
At the Austrian Media Days, the participating parties - Verein Digitalradio (Club Digital Radio), the ORF broadcasting subsidiary ORS, the Ministry of the Media, ORF and Kronehit - will discuss the future of radio in a hybrid radio future.
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Increasing the market share of RMS
07.07.2017 - Austria - Austria
In an interview with Joachim Feher, Managing Director of RMS Austria, he talks about the role of DAB+ in the digitisation of radio. "From a marketing perspectiveDAB+ makes us more attractive to the public, and makes sure we have a lot more reach on the commercial side."
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