Austria starts DAB+ regular operation
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The pilot operation of the new DAB+ standard was put into fixed service in Austria on Wednesday, as confirmed by the Digitalradio Österreich. The national expansion will then follow in further stages. Digitalradio Österreich chairman Wolfgang Struber: "Another important step in the development of radio is the interoperability of digital radio receivers (receiving DAB+ and FM programs)."
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DAB+ officially launched in Austria
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
In Austria the first regular broadcasts of DAB+ have been started. In the Vienna region, 12 radio stations can be received on channel 11C. The regional multiplex is operated by Radio Technical Center, which received a license from KommAustria at the beginning of the year.
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DAB+ in Vienna now in regular operation
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The digital radio standard DAB + has been in regular operation since Wednesday, according to the association Digitalradio Österreich. Still pending is the award of the second tendered, nationwide license.
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DAB+ regular operation begins in Vienna
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
A new DAB+ operation begun in Vienna on Tuesday, located at the DC-Tower from Vienna's Donau City, with a second location to complement the network at a date to be confirmed. Additional spare capacity has already been allocated to programs which are expected to expand the ensemble in May 2018 following a successful approval process.
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DAB+ starts in Austria as a regular operation
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
"Our goal is to provide all listeners in Austria with more radio offerings via DAB+," said Wolfang Struber, Digitalradio Österreich chairman. "We are currently waiting for the approval letter for the operation of the so-called multiplex platform for the nationwide operation of DAB +, which is expected in the second quarter of 2018."
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Broadcaster Rock Antenne plans nationwide DAB+ distribution in Austria
25.03.2018 - Austria - Austria
According to information from Radiowoche, Rock Antenne plans a nationwide DAB+ distribution in Austria, following their continuous expansion in the German market. Company spokesman Stefan Assfalg confirmed this: "of course, these activities are part of our strategy to further expand the Rock Antenne network in all German-speaking areas on all distribution channels".
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Radiodays Europe switches onto Norway’s DSO
22.03.2018 - Austria - Austria - Norway - Norway - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Three months after completing the world’s first digital radio switchover, representatives from the Norwegian radio sector came together at Radiodays Europe in Vienna for an in-depth workshop session, with a panel of speakers reflecting the key stakeholders involved in the DSO process, with 200 delegates from 20 countries in attendance.
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WorldDAB comment on BBC digital switchover news
22.03.2018 - Austria - Austria - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
It’s clear that the BBC remains fully committed to digital radio across all its platforms and we are pleased that listening over broadcast digital radio continues to grow year on year. The UK radio industry and government have invested in the infrastructure to deliver DAB coverage to over 98% of the population. 62% of homes now have access to a DAB set and 90% of new cars now have DAB as standard.
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European Digital Radio Alliance targeting DAB+
21.03.2018 - Austria - Austria
European Digital Radio Alliance chairman Wolfgang Struber has affirmed the group's ambition to make DAB+ the main distribution channel for radio across Europe. Struber is currently awaiting approval for the operation of the multiplex platform for the nationwide operation of DAB+, due to arrive in the first quarter of 2018.

The evolution of DAB+
21.03.2018 - Spain - Spain - Austria - Austria
TEA FM's Chusé Fernández reflects on Radiodays Europe 2018, including on the Norwegian switchover workshop held last Sunday.
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