Nationwide digital radio in Austria can start in 2019
03.08.2018 - Austria - Austria
Media authority KommAustria has for the first time granted a licence for a nationwide, DAB+ multiplex that will enable 11 commercial radio stations to broadcast via digital radio.
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KommAustria awards licence to ORS comm for DAB+ multiplex
03.08.2018 - Austria - Austria
Austrian regulator KommAustria has awarded a licence for DAB+ multiplex to ORS comm from 4 April 2019 for a period of ten years. Based on the licence, 11 private radio channels will broadcast nationwide in the new radio broadcasting standard DAB+. Some of them are new and some have been broadcasting only regionally.
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DAB+ to become available nationwide in Austria
03.08.2018 - Austria - Austria
Up to 83% of the Austrian population will receive DAB+ radio programming as the country's media regulator KommAustria has awarded the first nationwide DAB+ multiplex to network operator ORS. Digitalradio Österreich chairman Wolfgang Struber: "Our goal is to provide all listeners in Austria with more radio services on DAB+. We are very pleased about the positive license notification to the ORS for the national radio coverage."
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Austria to launch nationwide DAB+ in 2019
03.08.2018 - Austria - Austria
KommAustria has issued a 10-year DAB+ multiplex licence to network operator ORS, enabling 11 commercial radio stations to broadcast nationwide, some of which are new, and others are currently broadcast regionally. Said Michael Ogris, Chairman of KommAustria: “DAB+ is the way out of the FM radio frequency scarcity in Austria and allows much more radio programme variety."
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DAB+ services to launch nationwide across Austria
03.08.2018 - Austria - Austria
The Austrian broadcast regulator KommAustria has granted a licence for a period of ten years to the company ORS for the operation of a new nationwide DAB+ network.
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RFmondial supplies DAB+ gear to RTG Radio Technikum
10.07.2018 - Austria - Austria
RFmondial GmbH has equipped RTG Radio Technikum GmbH with a complete integrated broadcast, monitoring and logging solution for its first DAB+ ensemble, CityMUX, in Vienna. In April, the organisation launched a regular DAB+ service for the Austrian capital and surrounding areas, which its sees as setting the foundation for ongoing digital radio development in Austria.
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Two new channels on DAB+ in Vienna
02.07.2018 - Austria - Austria
Rock Antenne and 88.6 have now been made available on DAB+ in Vienna. "It is gratifying that a large number of programs are already available in Austria just a few months after the start of DAB+. What has started in the Greater Vienna area should be a school throughout Austria," says Matthias Gerwinat, Managing Director of Digitalradio Austria.
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Two new stations for Austrian DAB+ multiplex
26.06.2018 - Austria - Austria
The Austrian DAB+ multiplex has extended to include two new stations, 88.6 and Rock Antenne, on the third VHF band.
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Austrian Association of Private Broadcasters promotes DAB+ as part of future media landscape
05.06.2018 - Austria - Austria
In a statement to Austria's Federal Chancellery, the Association of Private Broadcasters have stated it "should actively support new broadcasting technologies and platforms - eg DAB+," as part of the country's future media landscape.​
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DAB+ initiative launches in Austria
10.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The Austrian radio broadcasting scene will become more diverse and colorful. Because with the launch of the digital-terrestrial transmission in the DAB + standard, the frequency shortage for radio is terminated, so that the new technology allows many more programs in each supplied area.
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