DAB+ receiver sales on the rise as Austria prepares for nationwide DAB+ launch
22.05.2019 - Austria - Austria
DAB+ receiver sales continue to rise in Austria as the country prepares for the launch of its national DAB+ network on 28 May 2019. According to the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting (RTR), sales of DAB+ devices in Austria rose by 77 percent in 2018, and by 66 percent in the first three months of 2019 - a period in which sales of devices without DAB+ declined by 20 percent.
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Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting releases new report ahead of national DAB+ launch
21.05.2019 - Austria - Austria
RTR, the Austrian Regulatory Authority, has released a report ahead of the country's launch of its national DAB+ network, planned for 28 May 2019. The report includes information on the network expansion plans and the area covered by the expansion, as well as details on the receivers available to consumers in Austria.
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Austria prepares for national DAB+ launch
16.05.2019 - Austria - Austria
One year after the launch of the regional DAB+ network in Vienna, Austria is setting the ground for the launch of the national DAB+ network in August. In this interview, Digitalradio Austria Director Wolfgang Struber shares his experiences, enthusiasm and expectations of DAB+ and the nationwide launch of DAB+ this summer.
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Austria prepares for national DAB+ ensemble launch in May
25.04.2019 - Austria - Austria
The launch of Austria's new national DAB+ multiplex is set to take place on 28 May 2019. At least nine stations are expected to broadcast on the multiplex, which will also be audible in certain parts of southwestern Germany.

TechniSat back radio digitisation with launch of new DAB+ receivers
16.04.2019 - Austria - Austria
Following the launch of its Digitradio 1 DAB+ radio in 2017 - the first DAB+ radio launched by TechniSat - the German manufacturer has launched three additional DAB+ radios - namely the Digitradio 2, Digitradio 2 S and the high-end Digitradio 3.
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Austrian online consumer electronics portal ‘Futurezone’ educates Austrian consumers about DAB+
03.04.2019 - Austria - Austria
Austrian online consumer electronics portal ‘Futurezone’ has published an article aiming to inform Austrian consumers about DAB+. This article contains detailed information including which radio stations are starting to broadcast via DAB+ in April 2019, and the impact of EU legislation mandating digital radio in new cars from 2021.
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9 additional nationwide radio stations to be available in Austria in May
30.01.2019 - Austria - Austria
The new DAB+ stations - which include Klassik Radio, Radio Energy, Arabella Plus and Rock Antenne - will be launched as part of the nationwide launch of DAB+ in Austria on 28 May 2019. By 2020, it is estimated that 83 percent of the Austrian population will be covered by DAB+.
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DAB+ in Austria - 60% population coverage by May 2019
28.01.2019 - Austria - Austria
The DAB+ network in Austria is set to expand in 2019 with the launch of the new multiplex due to take place in May. The first set of the expansion will see almost 60% of the population covered by DAB+, with the following expansions plans in March and September 2020 set to increase that number to 83%.
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More digital radio for Austria as DAB+ launches nationally
22.01.2019 - Austria - Austria
Following the launch of the regional DAB+ network operation for the eastern region of Austria in April 2018, the DAB+ network will be launching in Vienna on 28 May 2019, making more radio programs available across Austria, and marking the first of three phases in the expansion of the nationwide DAB+ multiplex in the country.

DAB+ expands in Germany and Austria
14.01.2019 - Austria - Austria - Germany - Germany
DAB+ continues its expansion in Germany, with Antenne Deutschland - a joint venture between Media Broadcast and Absolut Digital - due to start building and operating the country's second national network. In Austria, ORS - a subsidiary of the Austrian public broadcaster - will be launching the new multiplex in Vienna in May 2019, with 85% of the population of the country expected to be covered with DAB+ by 2020.
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