Industry stakeholders call for new legislation around digital radio
11.12.2019 - Austria - Austria
Austria's major broadcasting bodies and associations have joined forces to petition for the introduction of regulation mandating DAB+ digital radio in all receivers sold in Austria - both in and out cars. The new regulation would also be in line with the EECC directive, which mandates digital radio in new cars across the EU by the end of 2020.
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Private broadcasters in Austria launch largest DAB+ advertising campaign to date
05.12.2019 - Austria - Austria
Private broadcasters in Austria have launched the biggest DAB+ campaign to date in the country, estimated at approximately 2 million euros. Austria launched national DAB+ earlier this year, and with population coverage already standing at 77%, most of Austria's industry bodies have requested a new legislation mandating digital radio in receivers.
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DAB+ network expands in Austria
14.11.2019 - Austria - Austria
Austria's DAB+ network continues to expand as the second phase of the rollout is set to take place in mid-December. The expansion will take place in the western part of the country, and bring total population coverage in the country to 75%.
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DAB+ offering grows in Vienna
01.10.2019 - Austria - Austria
The DAB+ offering in Austria continues to grow with Radio Fantasy, a new DAB+ station launching in Vienna this week. Wolfgang Struber, Chairman of the Digital Radio Austria Association and Managing Director of Radio Arabella, welcomed the launch as a sign of Austrian radio's commitment to digitisation.

DAB+ in the spotlight at Austria Media Day
26.09.2019 - Austria - Austria
DAB+ digital radio took centre stage during the Austria Media Day that took place on 25 September. WorldDAB president Patrick Hannon highlighted the significant development of DAB+ in Austria and the rest of Europe, touching on the reasons behind the success of DAB+ radio and stating that radio requires a multi-platform strategy with DAB+ at the heart of it.
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Austria steps up national multiplex development
24.09.2019 - Austria - Austria
The development of Austria's national DAB+ network is in full swing, with the second phase of the rollout - originally expected for March 2020 - set to be completed ahead of schedule, and as early as December this year. Operated by the national public service broadcaster ORS, this expansion stage is set to bring population coverage in the country to 75%.

Digital radio in the spotlight at Austria Media Day
22.09.2019 - Austria - Austria
DAB+ digital radio is set to be at the heart of discussions for the Austrian Media Day taking place on September 25. Amongst a number of notable speakers, WorldDAB president Patrick Hannon will be taking the stage on behalf of Frontier Smart Technologies to examine the reasons behind the success of DAB+ radio in Europe.

Digital radio launch in Austria exceeds expectations
30.08.2019 - Austria - Austria
The share of DAB+ devices in the radio receiver market already exceeded 32% in the first quarter of 2019. There are currently nine radio stations on the national DAB+ mux, with strong interest from more private broadcasters to broadcast via DAB+.
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DAB+ expansion is future proof says Radio Technikum
16.08.2019 - Austria - Austria
Reflecting on the launch of Austria's national DAB+ services, Gernot Fischer from Radio Technikum touched on the high number of receivers already sold in Austria, Germany and beyond, pointing to DAB+ as the chore future platform for radio, highlighting that 5G would certainly not replace it, but merely act as a complement.
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Energy Austria reaping the benefits of national DAB+ launch
16.08.2019 - Austria - Austria
According to Energy Austria managing director Alexander Wagner, the launch of national DAB+ in Austria in May has already benefited the radio station, which has gained new listeners in parts of Austria where Energy is only available through DAB+.
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