DAB+ a big part of SCA strategy says head of content
13.03.2019 - Australia - Australia
SCA's head of content Mike Fitzpatrick has high hopes for digital radio, with DAB+ playing a big part in the company's business strategy. Touching on the launch of new digital radio station Triple M Aussie, Fitzpatrick highlights that this launch alone helped them gain over 65,000 new listeners, and attract advertisers who are increasingly keen to get exposure across a number of platforms and audio assets.
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DAB+ gets full backing from Australian broadcasting industry
07.03.2019 - Australia - Australia
This article highlights some of the latest developments of DAB+ in Australia as illustrated by Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia and Grant Blackley, CEO of Southern Cross Austereo at ABU DBS 2019.
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DAB+ a big part of ABC's digital strategy says Cath Dwyer
06.03.2019 - Australia - Australia
Speaking at ABU DBS in Kuala Lumpur, Cath Dwyer, the manager of RN, Radio and Radio Australia at ABC reiterated the Australian national broadcaster's is commitment to DAB+ transmission as part of its multiplatform strategy.
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Grant Blackley on how to successfully monetise DAB+
04.03.2019 - Australia - Australia
In a session on digital radio business case studies at the ABU’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium, the CEO of Australia’s biggest commercial broadcasting network Grant Blackley talked about how his company is monetising DAB+.
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Grant Blackley on DAB+, the radio industry in Australia and the golden age of audio
28.02.2019 - Australia - Australia
In this article, CEO and managing director of Southern Cross Austereo Grant Blackley highlights the brand value and growth potential of DAB+ in Australia and beyond, and touches on the current state of the audio industry and what he describes as the "golden age of audio".
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Factum Radioscape continue Australian expansion in Hobart, Darwin and Canberra
28.02.2019 - Australia - Australia
Factum Radioscape’s ENMUXA (DAB encoding + multiplexing) and OBSERVA (DAB monitoring) products will shortly be deployed in Hobart, Darwin and Canberra as Australia expand their digital radio broadcast coverage. All installation and commissioning will be executed remotely with the entire broadcast chain being monitored by Factum Radioscape’s OBSERVA monitoring range.
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Digital audio boost a result of the industry's hard work
22.02.2019 - Australia - Australia
Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) revealed the number of digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radios grew by 930,000 last year in Australia, helping to boost average weekly audience for digital-only radio by more than two million. According to CRA's CEO Joan Warner, Australian radio is one of the most innovative radio industries in the world, and the medium’s growth will lead to new opportunities for advertisers.
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DAB+ Gains Ground in Australia
21.02.2019 - Australia - Australia
Broadcasters and the wider audio industry in Australia aren’t the only ones welcoming the digital revolution with open arms, as the latest figures released by Commercial Radio Australia indicate consumers are embracing radio’s transition to digital.
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Big audience boost for DAB+ in Australia
WorldDAB Members News - 18.02.2019 - Commercial Radio Australia - Australia - Australia
According to the latest DAB+ update released by Commercial Radio Australia, the number of DAB+ digital radios in Australia increased by more than 930,000 last year, helping to boost average weekly audiences for digital-only radio stations to over two million, according to the latest. More than 4.21 million people, or 30% of the population aged 10 and over, listened to DAB+ digital radio each week in the five metro capital cities in 2018, up from 3.62 million in 2017.
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Europe mandates compulsory digital radios in cars
01.02.2019 - Australia - Australia
Car manufacturers have two years to comply with the new directive, that was ratified just before Christmas. In France, digital radio penetration has increased substantially - as a result, a law requiring all new consumer radios to include DAB+ by the end of 2019 has been triggered.
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