DAB+ launches in Mandurah
18.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
Mandurah is set to become the ninth city in Australia to launch DAB+ digital radio, when the free to air broadcast technology is rolled out to western Australia’s second largest city on December 23. DAB+ was launched in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart earlier this year, and has been available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth since 2009.
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Viva Leisure launches dedicated radio station on DAB+
17.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
Viva Leisure, the Australian health and fitness club provider, has announced the launch of Club Lime Radio, a radio station available to listeners in Canberra on DAB+. The dedicated radio station has been setup in partnership with Canberra FM Radio, a joint venture between the Australian Radio Network and Southern Cross Austereo..
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Radio welcomes government response to digital platforms inquiry
12.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
Commercial Radio Australia has welcomed the Australian government’s response to the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry. The government accepted the overriding conclusion that there is a need for reform to better protect consumers, improve transparency, recognise power imbalances and ensure that substantial market power is not used to lessen competition in media and advertising services markets.
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Edge Radio gains access to DAB+ service in Hobart
09.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
Youth broadcaster, and community radio station, Edge Radio, will be allowed to provide a DAB+ digital radio service in Hobart despite being in the RA3 licence area for the city.
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CRA launches largest DAB+ radio campaign
03.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
The new multimedia marketing campaign is the largest ever DAB+ campaign commissioned by the commercial radio industry since DAB+ services launched in Australia 10 years ago. he first phase of the campaign will run during December 2019 and January 2020 and will consist of short and long-form video content and four radio ads.

CRA launches largest DAB+ campaign to date
02.12.2019 - Australia - Australia
The commercial radio industry has launched a landmark consumer-focused DAB+ digital radio campaign. The new multimedia marketing campaign is the largest ever DAB+ campaign commissioned by the commercial radio industry since DAB+ services launched in Australia 10 years ago.
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SCA carries out testing on Adelaide DAB+ channels
25.11.2019 - Australia - Australia
SCA has begun an experiment in Adelaide that puts its live local breakfast show on air across each of its DAB+ stations in that city. SCA CEO Grant Blackley said “This is a test of what can be done. We have built reach with our analog and digital strategy, but something was missing", adding that "if this works it will give a high level of personalisation, with different music choices for listeners.”
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Digital Radio vs. 5G
22.11.2019 - Australia - Australia
Australian broadcast technical author Alan Hughes discusses digital radio, 5G, and the reasons why the former is better suited to support broadcasting.
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Edge Digital is a clear leader in Sydney's DAB+ stations
14.11.2019 - Australia - Australia
Edge Digital is the clear leader in Sydney with 123,000 listeners, leading ABC Jazz (97,000) and KIIS 90’s 81,000.
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Coles leads DAB+ advertisers in Australia
06.11.2019 - Australia - Australia
AirCheck Australia has taken a look at the top advertisers on DAB+ radio, and comparing the top advertisers on digital radio in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth, Coles was out in front with the help from Coles Radio. Combining the 5 cities, a total of 15,824 spots were placed on Coles' digital radio stations.
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